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Cardi B Says She Wants To Drop Her Own “Island Boy” Track For Bardi Gang

Cardi B toys with the idea of her own “Island Boy” track.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the ever-popular “Island Boy” freestyle. In case you haven’t heard, the freestyle comes from identical twins, Frank and Alex Venegas, known more popularly by their “stage names” Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd. They’ve taken social media sites over with their eclectic brand of music.

They’re most popularly known on Tik Tok, where they often post videos that get a lot of love from their followers. The Island Boy video, which was filmed in a pool, already has millions of views and countless shares. Their status definitely grew over the weekend after superstar rapper Cardi B seemed to jump on the Island Boy trend.

Last Saturday, October 30, Cardi got on Twitter to tease her fans, telling them that she had new music. No doubt the Bardigang were excited to hear the news, especially after the tweet which read, “SURPRISE!!!!!! I’m dropping a song on Monday on SoundCloud!!!,” she tweeted. “Nothing serious just something special for BARDIGANG….. Here’s a lil taste.”

Part of the tweet included an 18-second voice tweet which stoked even more curiosity among her loyal followers. The short clipped revealed something much more hilarious for her fans as she could be heard singing the hook for the popular chorus, “I’m an island boy … I’m an island boy.” She even copied their style, much to the appreciation of her fans and theirs as well.

The Island Boys duo hasn’t really displayed an aptitude for music, rap or not, but their shenanigans are usually well-received. Besides Tik Tok, they’ve also dominated Instagram, where they sell their services for things like cameos.

The jury is still out on whether or not they are serious about rapping or are simply cashing in on the meme culture. Not many people seem to take them seriously as artists, especially since the island they represent is “Florida,” which is not an island. Half of the duo Franky Venegas is already a singer and songwriter from Indiana who lives in New York, while Alex still lives in Florida.

What are your thoughts on the Island Boys?