Sean Paul Recruits Sia For Bubbly Club Banger “Dynamite”

Sean Paul Sia Dynamite
Sean Paul & Sia

Sean Paul drops an electrifying new song, “Dynamite,” with longtime collaborator Sia.

This proud project of his, produced by Banx & Ranx and George Kurstin, was released at midnight on October 22nd and quickly gained over 75k views in a mere 2 hours after being uploaded. Seeing Sean Paul and Sia joining forces again after their chart-topping single, “Cheap Thrills,” brings utter joy to both of their massive fanbase in 2016. This new track is likely another hit since they already have the formula.

The song starts with Sia on the chorus, “Dynamite, oh, dynamite, oh/ You and me are meant to be.”

“Hear me girl, when you swing so me love how you doin’ that all day/ Love how you movin’ your body shape,” deejays the iconic Sean Paul.

In a press release, he also revealed his thoughts on the song-making process. He stated, “Dynamite’ started out as just a good vibe song. After recording ‘Cheap Thrills,’ Sia and I knew we would record another single, and ‘Dynamite’ is the second installment.”

Sean Paul further added, “Banx and Ranx, Greg Kurstin, myself and Sia, worked on this single and I hope people gravitate towards it like our first single. ‘Dynamite’ is another feel-good record for me.”

The dancehall legend’s social media pages have been littered with teasers of the song, even sharing the chorus on multiple occasions. He first teased the collaboration at the beginning of October, and within the last three days before the song’s release, he was back at it again. On Instagram, he posted a video of himself adding some vocals to the song with the caption, “duttypaul ME ADDIN SOME EXTRA SAUCE 2 ‘DYNAMITE’ ft.@siamusic.Also Big Up2@jakegyllenhaal if u kno u kno #lnTheStudio #GiveMeABeat #Budabangbang.”

The single “Dynamite” is a fun, punchy track with witty twists of innuendos on a techno fusion beat. It speaks to the dynamics of an explosive ride or die couple and serves as another installment of feel-good songs with Sia. Paul adds in a bit of heat with his dancehall and reggae background with Sia’s superior vocals, which come together to create a passionate, refreshing song about love.