Super Cat, Cham, Teejay, Konshens & More Perform At Verzuz ICONZ At Barclays Center

Kemar Kranium Barrington Levy Dexta Daps Cham Konshens Teejay

It was a night to remember for Caribbean fans and lovers of dancehall worldwide when the legend Super Cat took to the stage of TrillerVerz III Weekend kick-off. The iconic artist was the headline act of the new concert series, ICONZ, a new undertaking by the Verzuz franchise. The concert was held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The spotlight didn’t fall squarely on him as other experienced, and new artists shared the stage before his main performance. The show was guided by Wyclef Jean, who also performed later in the night.

One of the night’s highlights, Saturday, October 16, was when dancehall star Dexta Daps paid homage to Super Cat. He simulated the Wild Apache’s style of dress and even performed while mimicking some of his stage presence.

The artist, who many believe will be the next to take the world by storm with dancehall, did not waste his time on stage either as he delivered a powerful performance of some of his more well-known hits.

He sent the crowd into a frenzy when he performed one of his most popular tracks, “No Underwear.” The crowd could be heard passionately reciting the lyrics to him. Before he took to the stage to electrify the crowd, two other popular deejays, Teejay and Kranium, opened the show.

They also did not disappoint and got the crowd going and ready for classic dancehall. Teejay whipped those gathered into a frenzy when he delivered his popular anthem “Up Top Boss,” a name that’s stuck with him as his career progresses. They were not allowed to drop enthusiasm or energy as Kranium kept up the momentum with his anthem, “Nobody Has to Know.”

The pair delivered their sets in typical Jamaican fashion with lots of pull-ups and dancehall flair. From the sounds of the crowd, they were very well received. Another stand-out performer who seemed to be a crowd favorite was Konshens.

In a night that would prove to be outstanding for dancehall acts, Konshens made an excited crowd even more excited. Dressed in a colorful jacket and what appeared to be acid-washed jeans, Konshens delivered his hits and had everyone dancing and shouting. It reached a boiling point when he dropped a classic, “Do Sumn”.

Next, Baby Cham also electrified the crowd with some of his classic war tunes like “Tables Will Turn.” Then the show moved into the classic dancehall days as Barrington Levy graced the stage. He proceeded to deliver his hits like “During Making Love”. He seemed to enjoy the performance so much that he had to be coaxed off stage when he was signaled that it was time to end the set, but no one loses when a master of the genre decides he wants to share more tracks.

Before the moment that everyone had gathered for happened, the Brooklyn Nets presented Super Cat with a jersey for his collection. As he emerged on the stage, his distinct style would immediately be noticed. He entered the stage with a full pinstripe suit and got his set underway with “Nuff Man A Dead” in a two-hit combo as he immediately went into another of his widely popular tracks, “Dem Nuh Worry We.” Many times during his performance, he stopped to address the crowd, as he’s known to do.

The crowd was treated to some more classics like “Dolly My Baby”, “Mud Up,” and “Come Down.” He covered many topics, including US politics, but none of it seemed to take away from his performance which those who gathered gobbled up. He delivered his outstanding repertoire of music and proved that age is just a number when you have timeless classics.