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Mr. Vegas Takes Aim At Bounty Killer, Shares Alleged Birthday Certificate

Mr. Vegas attacks Bounty Killer and accuses the legend of getting 14-year-old girl pregnant when he was 21.

Mr. Vegas also posted an alleged birth certificate of one of Bounty Killer‘s children on Instagram and followed up with an almost hour-long Instagram Live rant where he further made more allegations.

Although Mr. Vegas believes that the birth certificate proves Bounty Killer’s alleged practices, many fans argue that it was just and not criminal because the age of consent was under 14 years old at the time of the incident (December 1993).

Vegas is adamant that it should be considered unjust since, even if it was legal, it may still be ethically questioned, especially on the grounds that if you do it once, you can and would do it again.

Mr. Vegas claimed that people would not take his allegations seriously because many would chalk it up to ‘a jus a part a wi culture’.

The dancehall star further continued with, “Just like how wul dung an get tek an tear off gyal draws..dem ting deh embedded in our culture.”

Furthermore, he questioned if Jamaicans consider- what happens to the young girl after she became pregnant?

“When a celebrity gets a likle girl pregnant-a 14 year old pregnant,” Mr. Vegas said. “I would like to talk to that celebrity and ask did you send her back to school? Did you set her up in a way where she nuh lose out pon some opportunities she coulda have in a life cah yuh have money now and everything..ya big artiste now.”

Though the question is not directed at the viewers, it is a question that the people of Jamaica may likely ponder on.

The anonymous person he quotes “sent it to him” did not only send the birth certificate to him. The person also sent it to the media, newspaper and relegated all entities that the document was sent. Still, Vegas claims “dem fraid a di big dawg” and elaborates that this is why this has not been made public on bigger media platforms.

Additionally, Mr. Vegas claimed that the child’s mother attempted to make the information public but was rebuffed by the public and local media.

Many pedophiles and rapists can get pardoned through their own societal links through politicians or the general defense of their loved ones, and in the case of artists and celebrities, many fans will defend their action regardless of evidence that does not point favorably in their direction.

“Understand this people, you see status? Status carries weight. You see certain man ave certain status dem can get weh wid anything bout ya people” said Vegas in regard to wielding status. He continued to say, “Some a dem pedophiles ya have link with top politician and top gunman enuh. Dem well covered enuh.”

Despite this protection, he believes that no one should be above punishment for their actions on this earth. “You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Nobody is beyond reproach on dis earth. Nobody. People not even me beyond reproach. If unuh have sumn pon me an unu ave evidence, come forwud. Not even me beyond reproach.”

Furthermore, he additionally reveals that this may not be the first nor only occurrence of Bounty Killer’s ways. He affirmed this by saying, “Like in this case where Pedo-bwoy auntie tell him seh fi stop sex di likkle 13 year old. Yeah that’s another story cause we have information, we cool..cause Pedo-bwoy got warning fi leave di likkle girl alone.”

He also served to address and deny the rape allegations that were put forward against him by Gully Bop’s ‘old bicycle.’ Mr vegas say, “Call in pon her husband phone pon live an she mi molest har when she a 13 and di woman olda dan me enuh. Gully bop bicycle, the one name Mel” to which he promptly added, “When me a 4 she a 13 an she a seh mi molest har when she a 13.”

According to Mr. Vegas, no evildoers that threatened him for addressing rape allegations can scare him off because he thinks they are weak, especially pedophiles and rapists, but he does say he can be bought. After he was chased out of music due to revealing the Killer’s vile antics and the current state of the music industry due to the pandemic, he has his own reasons to avoid going back into music.

He went on to say that if the individuals coming at him were to write him a song, produce for him, or market his music, he would fall back into silence, much to the displeasure of many viewers.” You can reach me at 18765815466. All who wah get rid a me. Write a song fi me and promote it. As long as enuh nah promote me or produce me, me a guh bun out Pedo-bwoy,” says Vegas haughtily.

Overall, he advises that all parents should “Tink seh everybody is a predator” like Tanya Stephens warned that any parent with a child affiliated with the star’s daughter should not let them sleepover.

Bounty Killer has not responded to Mr. Vegas’ claims.