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Tommy Lee Sparta, Over JM$100K Goes Missing From His Jail Cell

Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta and prison warders are under scrutiny today after over JM$100K vanish from his jail cell.

On Wednesday (October 6th), news broke out that thousands of dollars were stolen from Tommy Lee Sparta‘s jail cell. The news came as a shock to fans who were confused about how exactly the money even got into the jail cell in the first place.

Prison authorities have since denied having any knowledge about administrative actions against warders following the reporting of the missing cash from Tommy Lee Sparta’s jail cell. The amount stolen is estimated to be above $100,000.

“[The warders] did deh on patrol team so dem tek dem off and put dem on section fi work,” sources told the Gleaner. “That team that was working, they search him cell and take away the money, hold on to it, and the money miss up.”

Prison authorities have continued to deny knowledge against the recent action taken in the case of the warders who allegedly seized the money from the dancehall deejay’s cell.

Monique Pryce, the director of corporate communication and public relations at the Department of Corrections, says she was unenlightened about the claim.

Leroy Russell, Tommy Lee Sparta’s government name, is currently incarcerated at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in Kingston, serving a three-year sentence for illegal gun and ammunition charges.

Though the exact channel through which the money got into the prison cell remains unknown, there are many official channels through which prison inmates can acquire money from their families. Jamaica’s prison system is also notorious for corruption as inmates found ways to get inside help to acquire various contraband, including cellphones and other gadgets.

Tommy Lee Sparta is one of the top artists in dancehall over the past decade after rising up out of the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire, aka Gaza crew. Despite his musical successes, legal troubles have plagued his career over the years with numerous arrests and runnings with law enforcement officials.