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Omarion Says Chris Brown Verzuz ‘Would Be Dope’ Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Omarion says a Verzuz showdown with Chris Brown “would be dope,” but fans doesn’t think it’s a good matchup.

There’s no doubt that the relatively new format of battling, Verzuz, has given fans much more enthralling matchups than first anticipated. Because of this, fans just can’t seem to get enough and have been offering their own take on who should go up against who. The last matchup between Fat Joe and Ja Rule also didn’t disappoint.

So now fans are looking ahead to see who will be the new combatants. Omarion recently commented about who might be introduced into the virtual ring, which had fans going wild on Twitter. Officially there’s been no word on who will step into the virtual ring next.

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 22, Omarion dropped into the Big Tigger Morning Show and shared his two cents on the matter. After being prompted by one of the show’s hosts, he said that he felt Chris Brown would be an equal matchup when asked by one of the show’s hosts.

“I think it would only be a handful of people that I feel like that it would be a good Verzuz,” he said before adding: “I think there’s a few people out there that I could do, but it’s a small class of people who perform like myself.”

Of course, Omarion has been around for two decades, having started his career as a member of B2K up until he went solo in 2004. He believes that a Chris Brown battle would be epic because he believes that only a few artists can compete with his depth of catalog.

The same host first suggested Ray J and Pretty Ricky. Only Chris Brown’s name elicited any response from Omarion as he said that it “would be dope.”

However, fans did not share his confidence, with many shutting down the idea. “Omarion said he’d do a #Verzuz with Chris Brown… Don’t do it O, that’s suicide! Marques Houston, get your bro…,” one fan said, while another added: “Now who done told Omarion he could go hit for hit with Chris brown? Baby you couldn’t even go against Trey Songz and you think you can take CHRIS????”

As the comment quickly trended on Twitter, another person added, “not Omarion tryna have a Verzuz w/ Chris Brown. O got some hits .. SOME; Chris could play 1 album and demolish him lol. If the Verzuz battle was dancing, that would make more since, but HIT for HIT, nah. Sit this one out, playa!”

Omarion may find that there aren’t many people who support his suggestion, though it would be an epic battle, and Chris Brown is one of them. A while ago, Brown said that he is really not interested in any battle because there’s just no one who can take him on.

In an Instagram story, he said, “What he not gone do is CAP. I could do a vs. off features alone… So I’ll humbly decline. I’m busy doing nothing. Only vs. [I’ll] do is Chris Brown is C-Breezy. [I’m] not in competition with nobody but myself.” He made the comments while on his Indigo Tour.

The organizers of the show, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, still want brown to join them in some way on the innovative battling format. Even though at least one of them, Timbaland, has already shared that he agreed with Brown’s point of view.

While on The Breakfast Club earlier this year, Timbaland hinted at an Usher and Chris Brown, but nothing ever came out of that.

“Ain’t nobody catalog like Chris Brown’s,” Timbaland said, which drew some opposition from Charlamagne Tha God. “Come on now, don’t do that. Chris Brown got too much. He’s got like 50 bags, bro,” Timbaland added.

What do you think about an Omarion vs. Chris Brown Verzuz?