Bounty Killer Calls Jamaica PM Andrew Holness ‘Real Dictatorship’ Amid UIC Protest In Kingston

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer is speaking out against police treatment of United Independents’ Congress (UIC) protestors in Kingston and the arrest of their leader, Joseph Patterson.

Bounty Killer has never been one to keep silent amid controversy, especially as it relates to what he believes is a grave injustice. The veteran dancehall deejay took to his Instagram earlier today (September 22) to share his views on the recent controversy regarding a protest against the Jamaican government and mandatory vaccines.

The protest was orchestrated by the leader of the United Independents’ Congress (UIC), Joseph Patterson, who marched with a crowd of people from Sir William Grant Park to Gordon House, demanding the resignation of all 63 Members of Parliament (MPs). They chanted, “My body, my choice,” referring to the vax.

Unfortunately, Mr. Patterson was arrested before the end of the protest for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA), which prohibits the gathering of over ten persons.

Additionally, the police had warned a day prior that no permits were given for the march to occur and therefore prohibited the event.

Despite this, the dancehall legend believes that protesters were treated unfairly, and cops infringed on their constitutional rights.

With a repost of a video showing a man being dragged by three police officers, Bounty Killer captioned the post, “Mr. Holness @andrewholnessjm [PM Andrew Holness] where is your holiness god not sleeping though real dictatorship or it’s government badness.”

He added, “Die Hearted PNP and JLP when unuh gonna be Die [Hearted] Jamaicans again until then it’s dooms day here for y’all.”

The deejay was not done voicing his concerns and opted to use songs about rebellions and uprisings to prove his points, such as INJUSTICE by Tashina and what appears to be Bounty’s unreleased song “Freedom” featuring Agent Sasco and his ten-year-old daughter Lauren.

The deejay later reposted an announcement by the UIC which stated, “The President of the UIC will be held by the Jamaica Constabulary Force for 2 WEEKS without bail! This is horrendous.”

An angry Killer urged in the caption, “Wtf Jamaicans don’t wait until it reaches ur doorstep speak up get up stand up.”

Unsatisfied, the deejay made another post on the situation, showing a video of the president of the UIC being hauled and pulled to a police vehicle as he was under arrest.

“I saw no one breaking the law there peaceful protest they took that man from he wasn’t even resisting arrest society slaves unuh better fix up unuh actions,” he said in the caption.

Bounty Killer has been urging Jamaicans to stand up for their rights for quite some time, frequently speaking out against oppression and injustice.

The “Deadly Zone” deejay is getting ready to release his first album in 19 years, King of Kingston, and will arrive this Christmas. Fans are anticipating songs against the government and topics about injustice and oppression to appear on the album.