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Tyga Responds To Nikita Dragun Exposing DM, “Ladies and gentlemen clout kills”

Tyga has broken his silence after model Nikita Dragun exposed alleged DMs.

Social media users are dragging transwoman Nikita Dragun after she released a new Instagram video which insinuated that she influences female fashion and posted a photo of Asian Doll, formerly called Asian Da Brat, wearing a designer dress similar to what she wore and also a curious screenshot of Tyga in her DMs.

Asian Doll was not pleased with being included in the video, which had a line-up of men dressed in female garb followed by female artists wearing similar clothing even though most of the clothes all of them wore came from the same designer.

Asian was upset about her image being used in the video, which had the word ‘D*CK’ written in bold over it.

“Nikita will get dragged by his bald head,” Asian said in one tweet. She added in another tweet: “What they call boys that pick on girls? Bullying.”

She further reacted to fans of Dragun calling her out for referring to Dragun with male-gendered pronouns.

“I’m wide awoke. I love transgenders & they love me that boy seem like a angry racist cause a transgender has never came for me ever…it’s a difference,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nikita Dragun took the time to reply to Asian Doll to claim that she was using her an example in her video to show that cis women copy transwomen fashion.

“Respectfully @Asiandabrat___this statement was to show that Trans women set THE trneds for cis gender females. Yet never get the credit. This was not meant to be shady towards u. u just happened to be an example.”

She then shouted out her designer for her 2019 birthday outfit, which is similar to an outfit that Asian Doll recently wore.

Meanwhile, fans on social media were quick to check Dragun as many opined that transwomen take inspiration from women for everything, including fashion.

“Girl stop black girls gave trans women and gay people culture quit playing on our name.”

Others asked about Dragun’s surgically-enhanced curves to look like a curvy woman.

“So the lips, big a**, darker skin tone, that’s not the features of a black woman? When I go to the page it seems That you are trying to look JUST LIKE THAT? Y’all always glorify the black communities beauty but then we say we have No influence? Nah we ARE THE INFLUENCE in every community! H*e sit down and bow down! BYE,” one person commented about the drama.

Meanwhile, Tyga has reacted to the screenshot of an Instagram DM showing him asking Dragun to text him with his phone number blocked out.

“My company shot and directed a music video for her a while back that never dropped .Not sure why she added my likeness to this,” Tyga said. “Ladies and gentlemen clout kills.”