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Tyson Beckford Says Chris Brown Apologize For Beef Over Karrueche Tran

In a new interview, the underwear model says that he was seriously ready to address Chris Brown over their beef about Karrueche Tran taking a photo with Beckford. Beckford says that Brown sent him threats after the photo was released back in 2015, which led to the men having a beef.

According to Beckford, the photo was taken Memorial Day Weekend, and the selfie was after Brown and Tran had broken up. However, it seems that Chris Brown was not over the supermodel and promptly issued threats on social media directed to Beckford.

“Keep playing I’m a f— ya baby momma and then whoop you child like he mine,” Brown tweeted at the time. “U wanna keep walking them runways. I need ta legs for that. Keep playing like a ain’t wit the bullsh*t.”

In a new interview with VladTV, Beckford says that despite other celebs taking photos with Tran, it was Tyson Beckford that Chris Brown came for.

“The funny thing is, [50 Cent] had taken the same picture,” said the model. “I think a lot of these dudes think, ‘Okay, this guy’s an ex-underwear model, he’s, you know. For some reason, they think I’m p***y or soft. You can ask anybody out there. I am not that.”

He added that he took the threat seriously.

“Mr. Man thought he was gon’ scare me and I straight up took all the treats,” Beckford continued. “Then the district attorney of Los Angeles got involved and the district attorney of Las Vegas as well because this is an open threat. And the state that I’m from is Florida, so this is taken as a stand your ground and also Las Vegas is a stand your ground. So, at the time, a lot of people don’t know it but you’re gonna know now, I fly with my firearms.”

He added that things escalated with him telling Chris to pull up and “meet me somewhere in the desert ’cause I ain’t running from nobody,” adding that he also told him to show up with whoever he wanted to bring. Chris Brown later apologized, according to Tyson Beckford.

“But I had to deal with little members of his crew who thought they were gangster and I’m like, ‘Ain’t y’all bunch of dancers?’ Like, did y’all get a bad batch of cocaine or what?”

He added that there was another incident, but he didn’t get to Brown as “security was holding me back.”

Eventually, there was no confrontation between the men as police had surrounded Beckford, allowing Brown’s vehicle to leave.