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Pusha T Says He Drove Drake Out Of Hip Hop Entirely

Pusha T and Drake

Did Pusha T drove Drake out of rap.

They say old habits die hard, and sometimes those habits involve hating on an old nemesis long after the beef has cooled off. Rapper Pusha T landed his name in the conversation this week following the release of Drake’s long-awaited Certified Lover Boy, simply by being passive-aggressive whenever the opportunity to throw some shade presented itself. Despite the impressive numbers and positive reception of CLB, Drake and his latest project are receiving plenty of negativity from the naysayers, and Pusha has been right there to co-sign it all.

DJ Akademiks posted about Pusha’s latest second-hand diss, adding a screenshot of a Tweet reading, “crazy how pusha t literally managed to push drake out of hip hop entirely,” and pointing out that Pusha clicked like on the tweet.

Earlier this week, Pusha quietly provided his opinion through someone else’s words on another occasion, liking a tweet that commented on Drake’s second-day streaming numbers. The tweet argued that Drake only saw such an impressive first-day performance because it was a surprise drop of a repeatedly delayed project and compared the album’s streams to Kanye’s DONDA, which was preluded by three weeks of listening parties that gave everyone a sneak peek of the album’s tracks.

As for whether Pusha T did, in fact, “push” Drake out of hip hop, fans don’t seem to agree. Akademiks asked his followers to chime in on the argument, saying, “Y’all think that faxxx or fiction??” Fans overwhelmingly responded in support of Drake, leaving comments such as, “Pusha T gotta be living in a alternate universe if he believes that,” and “only time pusha t name brought up in any discussion is when drake being mentioned.”

Nobody seems to know what the Twitter user meant by making that comment or think that Pusha T had any business hyping them up. Meanwhile, Drake is likely unbothered as he enjoys having the biggest album debut of 2021.