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Pamputtae’s Stocks Went Up After Nicki Minaj Endorsement

Sometimes in life, you just need a nudge to know you’re on the right path. That’s just what Nicki Minaj provided for dancehall deejay Pamputtae after she started following her on Instagram.

The songstress has faced her fair share of criticisms since entering the dancehall arena and feels that the acknowledgment that she recently received from Nicki is just the catalyst she needed to help her keep pushing.

Pamputtae spoke with the STAR in a recent interview and shared that a friend informed her that Nicki Minaj was following her. The “It Good” singer said that she was surprised since even though she believes that she is a big artist, she’s not verified on Instagram. She said what was also surprising to her was how much attention the gesture generated.

Since Nicki took the time to show her some love on social media, Pamputtae reached out to her to thank her for the powerful gesture. In thanking her, she said she also used the opportunity to see if she could get a remix to one of her songs.

“Nicki Minaj showed me some real love, and so I reached out to tell her thanks for acknowledging me, and then she replied by telling me say Advertisement a fi har favourite track. I make sure use the chance to put all the positive energy in the air for a remix,” she said.

This week, Nicki Minaj hinted that she’s down to do some dancehall after revealing that she’s a huge fan of dancehall music. She also revealed that she currently follows a number of people that she likes, including dancehall artiste Intence. They may even have a remix or a new collab on the way.

In response to Pamputtae’s query about a remix, Nicki asked for her email to send a drop.

“Me frighten fi hear har a say a Pamputtae season now when me listen the recording. It was unbelievable and anybody woulda wonder; when you hear the name Nicki Minaj, is a queen that, and if she can acknowledge me, mi haffi question it, because of my status; and memba people did a talk say me nuh hot or me nuh have nuh hot song,” she shared.

The “Nuh Problem” singer also said that since her status has been growing on Instagram, she’s been approached by a number of people who are promising to help get her verified. Still, in return, they are charging exorbitant amounts of money.

She’s already applied for verification and is waiting to hear back from the social media platform, she added. As success beckons on the horizon, Pamputtae encouraged young artists to keep working hard because you never know when your time to shine will arrive.