Spice Blast Chug It After Failed Miami Show, Promoter Threatens Legal Action

Spice put promoters of Chug It on blast over failed Miami performance amid threats of legal actions.

For the Labor Day Weekend, the Queen of Dancehall was set to perform in Miami, Florida, on September 5 (Sunday), but according to Chug It, the artiste did not show up. To explain the misconceptions, Spice took to her Instagram live on the night of September 5 to explain from her point of view what exactly occurred.

Spice went back to the beginning of the story as soon as she hopped on IG Live, where she recalled that two of her travel parties which were traveling from Jamaica and another from New York, both could not board their flights as they received an email that their tickets were canceled. The airline disclosed that the cancelation was a result of the flight tickets being purchased using a fake credit card.

Spice then continued saying that, even though the flight information she received for herself was late, she endured the confusion and purchased a flight ticket out of her own pocket, which was the first instance where her contract with Chug It was breached.

Spice was furious and revealed that she wanted full reimbursement as she had to pay for her own flight ticket.

Chug It responded to that, saying that they’d pay through Cashapp, but since their cards kept declining, Spice told them she wanted the money in cash.

The second breach stemmed from the lack of transport when she and her travel parties made it to the airport. Spice claimed that she was waiting for almost an hour, and the ride still hadn’t shown up, which left her no choice but to hire a Lyft, which came at 7:30 after her flight had already landed at 6:30.

To make matters even worse, Chug It went ahead and procured a regular room at a hotel, so Spice had to get her own suite after her business manager, Elsie, talked to the manager at the hotel to tell them that Spice was an international artiste and she couldn’t stay in a regular room at their establishment. While in New York, Spice still failed to get information from them.

In light of the situation, Spice sent an extremely frustrated email to the Chug It administration, explaining the struggles she had gone through to make it to the show.

Chug It later responded to Spice was an apology, which contradicted the Instagram story they posted a few hours later, saying, “Please be informed that CHUG IT has met all obligations with paying the Artiste Spice $38, 773.42 despite the no show. Our attorneys will be proceeding with taking immediate legal action for refund and damages caused.”

Spice continued to reveal a multitude of receipts she gathered up throughout each failure on her way to the event, such as; her snapshots taken at the airport and a plethora of screenshots of her conversations with the Chug It team.

Spice went on to reveal that she couldn’t believe that the promoter, Andrew French Wright, would do this to her. She also identified her travel parties, her manager, and her makeup artist as her human (live) receipts, who were there with her every step of the way.

“You can try fi sue me, but unu caa win cause a sue fi sue…Andrew yuh wicked to me,” Spice continued to declare throughout her live, targeting the crew responsible for Chug It as well as the owner and founder of the Chug It series.

Spice also brought to light that, in a previous meeting they held with a Chug It counterpart, Mr. Lewis, and through text messages, Chug It confirmed that her performance would start at 8:15 pm, but they lied about the itinerary and the confirmation of time.

It was quite suspicious since the flyer stated that the show would be held from 12 pm to 8 pm.

The “Frenz” singer acknowledged that when she went to the venue at the given time, police had already closed off the venue to the public.

Spice also clearly stated that she was professional, and she has never missed a show nor flight no matter the time that it was being held as she knows how much her fans and supporters look forward to her performances.

“A 20 years mi a perform inna dancehall, mi neva miss a flight; nuh care how mi av show back to back, nuh care how the flight a six o’clock inna morning, mi neva miss a show, mi neva miss a flight, yuh deliberately set mi up fi miss da show yah, a doh know the reason but unu caa trick mi,” she stated.

In the last few minutes of her IG Live, Spice sincerely apologized to fans for everything that occurred as Spice knew how excited fans were to see her. She also took the time to inform Chug It that she has now hired a lawyer to bring charges of defamation of character against the Chug It organization.

Spice’s backup dancer also revealed that the venue that Chug It was going to hold the Labor Day Weekend show at is a venue she’s never heard of before and that if indeed something was supposed to be kept there, it would be in the morning and not so late in the night.

On top of that, she claimed that Chug It was also trying to pull Spice into a second scam by inviting her to an after-party, which was going to be held the next day.

Spice’s fans have continued to send her support during this time;

“We stand with you Spice,” one fan commented.

“This look like them use Spice name fe promote them event, so its like bait and switch. Them can’t win God is in control,” another concluded with a red heart.

Since the allegations started Chug It official Instagram has been made private and comments turned off, as Spice’s fans who are not be messed with bombarded their page over the issue.