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Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty Surprised To Hear Papa Bear’s First Word

Kenneth Nicki papa bear

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petter were both quite surprised to hear what appears to be their son’s first word.

She shared a clip on IG of showing the adorable baby boy saying “hi” among other funny moments. The “Barbie Tingz” rapper announced her retirement from music in 2019 to focus on her family. The more of her as a mommy we’re seeing is the more we appreciate it even though we miss her bars.

Fans and fellow musicians were saddened and shocked by the news, but after having her baby, Nicki Minaj is back in action.

The rapper first revealed she was pregnant in early July of last year, and she later gave birth to her baby boy, which she affectionately calls “Papa Bear,” in Los Angeles on Sept. 30. She has yet to announce the baby’s name officially.

The first post she shared today was a series of snaps, where Nicki is seen urging her baby boy to talk, “Papa, look here…say momma I know I’m a cute boy, are you a cute boy?”

The second snap shows the baby in his walker, with Nicki playfully saying, “Get outta here”. She captioned the snap with a red heart, smiling face, and a rose.

The third shot is a picture of her baby in his walker, with a dog beside him, “Meet Nicki’s new furry friend. Visit your local shelter today!” it said.

Nicki Minaj followed up on the sweet posts with another touching video sweetly capturing Papa Bear’s first word.

In the post, Kenneth Petty is seen sitting beside her on a couch as she holds their baby boy in her arms. Petty can be seen holding Nicki’s hand as he rubs her back. Nicki sweetly says, “Papa, say me and momma laughed at that….say hi…”

To Nicki Minaj and Petty’s surprise, the baby replied with a faint, “Hi.”

The shocked expression across Nicki’s and Petty’s faces could almost confirm that it was the baby’s first word!

Fans are also speculating that the statement was a response to the lawsuit against the couple. Nicki Minaj and her husband were accused of harassing and intimidating a woman (Jennifer Hough) he sexually assaulted over two decades ago.

Either way, the entire event is precious, and fans are grateful that Nicki chose to share it with them.