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Lil Wayne Admits Drake Makes Him Want To Redo His Verses

Lil Wayne admits Drake is perhaps the only rapper who makes him want to redo his verses.

As Weezy celebrates the 10th anniversary of his 9th studio album “Tha Carters IV,” the rap icon has given fans a chance to interact with him, inviting them to ask their deepest questions about the classic project.

During his “Ask Wayne” Twitter session, Lil Wayne revealed that he has been inspired by Drake on multiple occasions, resulting in him adjusting his verse after receiving Drake’s, in an ‘iron sharpening iron’ situation.

The disclosure came in response to a fan who asked, “You do a lotta features on and off of your albums. Do you ever get a verse from someone that’s so hot, u go back and adjust yours? If so can u name a few people?”

The 38-year-old did not hesitate with his response, naming his protege.

“The answer is the same person every time and that person is Drake. Everything Drake sent back, I always have to go back and [redo],” he said.

The “How To Love” rapper explained that this is because Drake always introduces a unique, interesting idea that he believes he could capitalize on.

“It’s always because he says something in there that make me be like, ‘Oh, I could make more of the song and capitalize more of the song off of something that he just said and that I didn’t say.'”

“So yes I have changed my verse a billion times because of Drake and that’s always the person,” he added.

Drake and Lil Wayne have been friends for over a decade, and Drake had previously hailed Wayne for basically raising him in the entertainment scene.

A budding Drake spread his wings in the music industry back in 2009 when he was signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Label.

Both artistes have since been great inspirations to each other, and they have become lifelong friends. With Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” set to be released on Friday (September 3), hopes are even higher that Lil Wayne could be pitching in on the album after he used the hashtag #CLB in his tweet.

In the meantime, Lil Wayne is also busy working on his upcoming projects, “ColleGrove 2″ with 2 Chainz,” “I Am Not A Human Being III,” and another album with Rich The Kid.