British Jamaican Songwriter Carla Marie Scores Big With Olympic Song “Hope”

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, The Olympic games, which were slated for 2020, were postponed due to public safety to this year, 2021. The Olympics kicked off on July 23, 2021, much to the glee of sports enthusiasts worldwide. Although fans were not present in the stands, millions still turned out to watch via their television sets.

There were no biting of their nails and ‘clutching of their pearls’ for the fiery track and field events for Jamaicans as they were well-versed and prepared for their athletes to excel in their events.

Fans got to witness some of the greatest races take place and the crowning of new world records thanks to Elaine Thompson-Herah and the rest of the Jamaican team. She won not one, not two, but three gold medals for the country. The Jamaican team also had the special highlight of winning the 100m and 200m event with a 1,2,3 sweep, grabbing all available medals for the races.

As a result, the island is bursting with national pride, and they can add another feat to the list as Carla Marie Williams, a Grammy-award-winning songwriter, had her single, Hope selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Her track starred as a noteworthy worldwide highlight for the Olympic Games.

Hope was featured in the official highlight reel for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which was broadcasted at the closing ceremony on August 8 and was also made available on the IOC’s official website. The song will also be used to commemorate the 2021 Paralympic Games.

Williams grew up in Harleston, London, but she was born to Jamaican parents. She has not lost any of her Jamaican spice, and at the tender age of 10, she started a group called ‘Likkle Mentions.’ Those around her knew before she did that, she was going to be a star. In 2006, unfortunately, she lost her voice due to a complication with her larynx and set out on another path, songwriting.

This Grammy-award-winning songwriter may be new to some, but she is no stranger to fame. She has written for superstars such as Beyonce for some of her most popular singles such as, “Running,” “Lemonade,” and she has also written “Freedom” for Britney Spears.

The songwriter, who is currently living in Kingston, Jamaica, also has a bevy of other accolades up her sleeve. She created ‘Girls I Rate (GIR)’, which is an initiative geared towards unification, diversity, and equal opportunities for women who take on music as a career path. She later expanded the initiative to include GIR Caribbean, which is stationed in Jamaica. Music heavyweights such as Beenie Man, Ce’Cile, and ZJ Sparks have issued their support to Carla.

Hailed as a gospel anthem, Carla Marie notes that the theme of Hope discusses “a cry of hope and a cry for change.”

She added, “We have shot a video for the song in Jamaica with creative director Lindsay Lodenquai, which I’m hoping will be out soon. For me, hope should have no colour, no gender, no limits. All you need is a little bit of hope.”