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Bobby Shmurda Teases Gritty Comeback Single “No Sleep”

It looks like the wait for new Shmurda music might soon be over.

Shmurda has finally announced that a comeback single is in the works. Fans rallied behind the rapper following his release from prison in February, and ever since then, they’ve been disappointed in their hopes for new music.

Fans became even more impatient when he didn’t take the usual route and release a “First Day Out” style track, but that seems to be only because he was making sure he produced something worthy of his following, instead of doing a track like that he chose to hit the studio hard. From what we know, Bobby Shmurda already recruited some big names like Quavo, Mike WiLL Made-It, and more.

What he’s also managed to do successfully is keep his fans entertained with snippets and teasers of upcoming music. He recently released yet another one, but this one sounds and looks like it may be his official release from an upcoming project.

Bobby Shmurda used Instagram to once again connect and hype his fans. We think this one might be the official track called “No Sleep” since there’s also an accompanying video, which features an introductory skit. In the snippet, he is assisted by two scantily clad gun-toting women. The group goes on to intimidate an opponent who appears to be hiding some serious ice.

Even though the scene sounds menacing, it’s all somehow very lighthearted, and it seems the rapper is trying to stay away from coming across as too violent. If anything else can be gathered from the clip is that it’s going to be an absolute banger.

“GOOD SHHMORNING !! OH YEAAAA IT’S UP THIS WEEK,” he posted as the caption to the post. If it’s an indicator that his fans are ready and willing for his new track, the post was made earlier today, August 30, and already has close to a million views. What do you guys think of this latest teaser?