Dovey Magnum Warns Jamaicans About Dangers Of Crate Challenge

As far as viral challenges go, the latest trend, the Crate Challenge, is one of the most dangerous ones to go viral. Like others before it, this one, known by its hashtags #CrateChallenge and #MilkCrateChallenge, looks awfully dangerous and can end up in severe injuries.

Many artists in various genres have commented on the challenge. Since the beginning of this week, the challenge has found its way to Caribbean shores, with several videos making the rounds on social media. Dovey Magnum is calling on Jamaicans to stay away from this one. Her call is on point as many of the viral videos also show people landing in awkward ways, with some even coming close to damaging their necks.

In the challenge, a person tries to climb steps made of stacked milk crates, but they seem to be beer crates in the Caribbean. Safety experts in the U.S., including the Food and Drug Administration, have already advised against the latest viral trend.

It’s become extremely popular on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, as people share videos mostly of their failed attempts. Dovey Magnum chose Twitter and Instagram to deliver her timely message.

“I pray my fellow Jamaicans leave this stupid a** crate challenge ALONE!!!” she wrote. She added, “We hardly have money fe buy food plus curfew measures, hospitals are in no condition for the additional hurt y’all get Fu**k!! Leave it tf alone!!!”

“PLEASE!!!” she pleaded in her caption.

Most of her fans were in agreement like this one who said, “Finally someone said it, them want hurt their selves and put family member in a problem,” and this one who chimed in, “I second u on that ….love fala to much.”

At least two veterans in hip-hop, The Game and Snoop Dogg, have also come out against the challenge.

However, younger rappers like Boosie Badazz seem to be okay with the challenge as he even hosted one at his house. In a video that went viral singer, YK Osiris failed along with the many others who also have so far. Even worse, according to YK Osiris, he had to seek medical attention following the fall.

Maybe a bit of boredom is to blame as Jamaica is currently in a five-day no-movement lockdown due to the coronavirus, but from the looks of it, this challenge will cause a lot more injuries before it fades out.

The trend could definitely see an upsurge in hospitalizations at a time that the Jamaican health care system is already under pressure. One Psychologist Dr. Leahcim Semaj spoke with The Gleaner and also urged Jamaicans to steer clear of it.

“There are a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands and they’re bored and at the same time, let’s say they are stupid because certain things, what do you win if you do the challenge? So, what you are trying to do, you’re entertaining others but at your own risk. I’ve seen some people who have fallen in some precarious way, fallen straight onto one of the crates on the middle of their back. People are going to get hurt as a result of this,” he said.

In Trinidad and Tobago, one of the leading beer manufacturers also distanced themselves from the challenge since some of their crates had been featured in some videos.

“Because of our position, the Management and Staff of Carib Brewery Limited and Carib Brewery USA wish to categorically state that neither of our companies, or any of our brands, endorses the current social media “Milk Crate Challenge” that seems to be rapidly gaining in popularity locally and abroad.”

US doctors have already warned that people could suffer from ACL and meniscus tears, broken wrists, and even spinal cord injuries. They also said they already saw some of these injuries since the challenge has gone viral.