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YK Osiris Takes A Tumble Ding Crate Challenge At Boosie Badazz Mansion

YK Osiris hit up Lil Boosie’s mansion over the weekend to do is the Crates Challenge which didn’t end well.

Boosie Badazz is all about the hood Olympics, aka the #CrateChallenge, the latest social media craze started in Tik Tok and is now taking over Instagram.

The challenge now being called the “hood Olympics” sees folks using old crates used in grocery stores to step up and down all the crates without falling or touching the crates with their hands. Many persons are unable to climb the crates which are unsupported without falling.

Two black women, Lynn and Keri (@hellolynnnn and @kizzykeri), have since completed the challenge with heels.

Meanwhile, Boosie seems to have the crate challenge at his house, which had his son Tootie Raw and YK Osiris attempting the challenge. Onlookers sang Osiris’ song “Worth it” while he tried to climb over the crates. He made it to the top but had a dramatic nasty fall as he attempted to get down on the other side.

Osiris was a good sport, though, as he quickly got up and laughed off the fall.

On the other hand, Tootie Raw was attempting the challenge with promises from his father, Boosie Badazz, that he’d win the monetary prize if he won the challenge.

“He love money, I knew he was getting up there,” Boosie said about his son. Tootie didn’t last five seconds on the crates before he crashed down.

According to Boosie, anybody who can walk the crates successfully would get $1000 as the prize.