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Meek Mill & Tory Lanez Beefing On IG After Getting Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award

Meek Mill and Tory Lanez have heated exchanges online, with Meek retaliating, “I don’t f**k with you.”

Meek Mill‘s fans are bursting with joy after accepting the Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award for Criminal Justice and Reform Efforts. A jubilant moment indeed as the Philly native is the first rapper to receive this award. The feat is very well deserved as the thirty-three-year-old, throughout his career, has continued to say that people have become insensitive towards mass confinement and has been continuing to do his best to change that.

Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, has had his run-ins with the police and has served his time in prison. Now that he has finished a long fight for his freedom, Meek is currently off probation, and his experience incited him to begin the fight for criminal justice reform. His vigilant efforts have come full circle with the acknowledgment by the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The foundation is committed to finding sustainable solutions to the problems confronting humanity. It was established in 1999 when its founder, Mr. Nelson Mandela, stepped down as the President of South Africa. A part of the foundation’s mission statement highlights the “convening of dialogue on critical social issues,” and that is what Mill has been doing over the past few years.

“It’s a long process you just got to be dedicated to it … and I’m dedicated to help making change.” Meek Mill stated in a prior interview with ABC News.

Meek hoped on his Instagram yesterday (August 12th) to tell fans about the award to share his joy. The words “Change Maker” are engraved on the award in the photo, and Meek’s signature “Dream Chasers” gold chain is shown beside it.

“Blessings.. I got “the Nelson Mandela humanitarian award” Thankyou Rip to the great Nelson Mandela “I ain’t grow up playing ball I had a smith & western* because where I’m from it’s very hard to turn 27″ #survivors @pttow,” he captioned under the post.

Several celebrities visited Meek’s comment section to congratulate him. However, one comment stood out, and it was that of fellow rapper Tory Lanez who thought he would correct Meek Mill on his spelling.

“Smith and Wesson,” Tory Lanez highlighted so Meek Mill could realize that he had misspelled the name. The fire then got a bit hot in the kitchen when Mill shot back, “It’s called “meek flow” say congrats or something weirdo lol.”

“It wasn’t that deep,” Tory continued. “Just ain’t want u to look dumb. Congrats tho bozo.”

“Stand tall. Tory,” Meek responded. “It’s kinda deep you tryna help me wit my spelling and you know for a fact I don’t f*ck with you right now…if y’all guys really rich why y’all acting like we cool on the net And you know we not do you…and stay out of street business when we talking about them blowers.”

Fans are now speculating that Meek Mill is coming to blows with Tory Lanez over allegations that Tory copied and stole Meek’s bars in his recent freestyle.