Dancehall Veteran Bugle Explains Why He’s Underrated

Bugle says it’s better to be underrated than be overrated.

It’s now been more than a decade that Bugle has been in the dancehall business. Even though he’s churned out some hits, he believes that he is still very much an underrated deejay. That doesn’t bother him, though, as he told the Jamaica Star in a recent interview that he’d “rather be underrated than overrated.”

Bugle, whose real name is Roy Thompson, is getting ready to release his fourth studio album in October. He shared that he felt when an artist is overrated, it’s easier for them to fall from grace as there is nowhere to go but down. It’s better when you have to keep proving yourself as it keeps you sharp as an artist, he added.

Even though he believes that he is underrated it in no way affects the music that he wants to put out, he continued.

“I rather be underrated than overrated. If mi ago be overrated den just don’t rate me none at all because mi nuh want weh anuh mine, or weh mi nuh deserve,” he said. “When you overrated, yuh nuh have no weh fi go but down because people rate yuh too much and when yuh nuh live up to expectations, dem ago drop yuh. When yuh underrated is because yuh great and people nah gi yuh weh due to yuh.”

Bugle added that his fans have come to know his style of music, and from what he gathers, they are satisfied with his efforts. That being said, he does think that the industry can sometimes be unfair. The “Encouragement” singer went on to say that there are times when he sees shows being held and feels like he should be a part of the lineup because his catalog is solid.

The artist intends to keep producing music and said even though he wants recognition for his efforts, he is not willing to fight for it. “If yuh want acknowledge me, yuh acknowledge me, if you don’t want to, yuh arite,” he added.