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Lil Baby Give Back To His Community Hosts Atlanta Back-To-School Drive

Lil Baby hosted a back-to-school drive in Atlanta.

Many families have faced severe hardships in the US as the pandemic wears on. At least one rapper, Lil Baby, is trying to do his part to help out. The young rapper is now well-known for his efforts to give back to his native home, Atlanta.

As students get ready to return to school at the end of the summer break, the “Yes Indeed” rapper hosted a back-to-school drive yesterday, August 8. Lil Baby used the drive to donate school supplies, fresh clothes and new laptops for students.

Some of the moments of the drive were caught and shared on Instagram. You can tell by the footage that the community was elated that something positive was being done for the youth in the area. Other clips show the staggering amount of resources that were donated along with very happy kids after receiving the helping hand. The post was shared by @ourgenerationmusic.

The donations were made through his Four The People Foundation and from the looks of it, hundreds of kids were able to benefit. The rapper also spoke to Billboard about why he continues to help out his community in a recent interview.

“My life feels like a responsibility. I’m not even trying to be no role model, honestly. [But] now that I know that I am, I try to carry myself differently because I got people watching. I don’t even be doing what I really want to do. I do what I gotta do now,” he said.

He’s committed to that cause as was shown back in June he bought out an entire Foot Locker store so that he could give away sneakers in his old community.

Lil Baby continues to maintain focus on his career as well. His next project is expected to be
a guest appearance, along with The Weeknd, on Kanye West’s “Hurricane” from the upcoming Donda album.