Spice Shows Class & Versatility On Debut Album “10”


Spice’s highly anticipated debut album 10 is finally here and yes the decade wait was worth it.

The wait has finally ended, as Spice‘s debut album 10 launched, culminating over 20 years’ worth of her experience as an artist. The album, released via VP Records, divulges her high-spirited and highly adaptable talents, resonating her forte for hardcore dancehall with other genres such as R&B, reggae, and pop, to name a few.

The 41:01-minute length album also pays homage to her humble beginnings, a contract to the fast scaling global presence she now enjoys. Her feature on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, as well as her numerous magazine cover takeovers and brand endorsements, are all substantial evidence of her current position.

The 15-track album was executive produced by Shaggy, and it features another popular dancehall veteran, Sean Paul.

The hype leading up to the release of this album was mounting on a high due to crucial noteworthy promotions showcasing on The Wendy Williams Show, Good Morning America, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Shaggy, Sean Paul, and Spice performed their smash hit “Go Dung Deh.”

Spice went live on her Instagram an hour before the album’s release to preview multiple songs from the project. This served as an album launch party of sorts as she explained that she was not able to kick things off the way she truly intended. As usual, she blessed her fans with some entertaining and lively antics. Fans were able to get an eyeful of her and Justin as they gyrated and kissed lovingly.

Spice TEN cover

She went on to give a major shout-out to fellow dancehall artist Bounty Killer, who she praised for believing in her when she was a little girl. She then jumped into a rather sensual one-woman show to promote her song “Bad Girl” feat Shaggy.

She was also joined by her dear friend and fellow artiste, Cham.

The queen of dancehall was displaying her depth through the diversity of her song selections, which suggests that there is something for everyone on “10”. According to Spice, this is something you can play for your mom and grandmother.

The first track on the album introduces Spice, and it is also fittingly the title of the track. She breaks down who Grace Hamilton truly is as she brings it back to her childhood growing up in Old Breaton, where she had to “walk and beg ride.” She discussed her time being homeless and brought us through her first songs, “Fight Over Man” and “Ramping Shop,” while giving props to Bounty, Ninja Man, Dave Kelly, and Vybz Kartel. “Kartel used to carry mi inna taxi inna him lap, that’s why mi a seh Gaza till mi breath stop,” she deejays.

“Po Po,” a song done in collaboration with her son Nicho, was done as social commentary regarding police brutality in America, further inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement that peaked in 2020. “He wanted to do a song and that’s how we got the idea. He’s 14 years old and he’s on my record about justice. I’m so proud of him.”

“Mi nuh trust di po po, di po di po po, when yuh see di blue lights yuh wi get a pow pow,” it’s clear that he’s understood the message, the young Nicho sings.

In her bid to stay true to her raw hardcore dancehall reputation, the entertainer also provided fans with songs which brand Spice is most known for.

“So Mi Like It,” being a prime example of her iconic brand, has over 99 million views on YouTube. Spice credits the song as her international breakout hit, which makes it quite fitting for her debut album, even with a whopping seven years under its belt.

“Send It Up” and “Fit” brings more energy for the ladies, which is countered when Mr. Boombastic himself, Shaggy, pairs up with Spice for their song “Bad Girl.”

Their vivid imagery and the sounds of heavy breathing captivated our imaginations. “Have har a walk and a shake, (ah mi)” really brings the moment to you.

Spice also drew attention to the topic of friendships through her song “Frenz,” as she conveyed the hurt, as well as the disappointment that follows with the betrayal of someone dear to you.

Sean Paul, Spice & Shaggy

“Don’t Care” is one for the reggae lovers with its funky roots reggae beat. It details a relationship with a toxic man who cheats regularly. “You don’t care for me at all and I found you only stay to make me feel so very small and I don’t know why I just don’t leave you alone,” she sings.

“On Your Mind” is a pop track. It features Olaf Blackwood. It showcases Spice’s versatility as she smoothly deejays over the bubbly beat about that special someone who truly means a lot to you.

Spice left a lasting impression with this project through perseverance and adaptability in the constantly evolving music industry, proving her status as Queen of the Dancehall.

If you haven’t yet listened to 10, head over to Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube and add it to your playlist.

10 Tracklist:

  1. S.P.I.C.E.
  2. Send It Up
  3. Go Down Deh Featuring Shaggy and Sean Paul
  4. So Mi Like It
  5. Size Matters
  6. Po-po Featuring Nicho
  7. Don’t care
  8. On Your Mind Featuring Olaf Blackwood
  9. Top
  10. Love Her
  11. Frenz
  12. Different Sh*t Featuring Melissa Musique
  13. Fit
  14. Bad Girl Featuring Shaggy
  15. Nitey