Kyodi Tops Local Chart With His Dancehall Banger “When Mi Nice”

Kyodi is proving to be a rising force in dancehall after nabbing a number one song.

Dancehall is perhaps one of the hardest genre to breakout into. Reggae’s unruly cousin is incredibly packed with talented and versatile artists, and starting as a young act in the game takes tenacity to stay relevant. Newcomer, Kyodi, shows that he may have what it takes to carve a space in the competitive dancehall world as he’s delivered another hit.

Kyodi’s debut single, “When Mi Nice,” has grown steadily in popularity with over three million views on YouTube so far. That track was released in 2020, and the 4th Genna music camp member has already followed its success with another hit called “Mi Nice Mi Nuh Drunk.” This one was produced by Jag One Productions and Gold Up Music.

“Mi Nice Mi Nuh Drunk” has become a fan favorite and surpasses Rytikal’s mega-hit “Chosen” to become number one on the Hapilos digital sales chart this week. The distribution company is a favorite of dancehall artists who use it to distribute their music digitally.

That track has been trending and has received some celebrity endorsement. Dancehall aficionado and renowned Olympian Usain Bolt has used social media to show his appreciation of the track.

For any new artist, news like this is both promising and encouraging. The moment was not lost on him, and he connected with his fans using Instagram to let them know about the proud moment.

The young artist told the Star that he had been putting in the work for a long time and was happy to be finally seeing positive results. He was also thankful to his team for helping him to keep pushing. He also let them know that this is just the beginning.

“There is a lot more work to be done so I will continue to work hard for my fans, my family and my community who first embraced my talent,” he added. He also mentioned that his success has been coming in waves and that he recently did a commercial for BIP. He also revealed that he’s in talks with other corporate brands.

The former student of Kingston College and Excelsior High School is enjoying his time in the spotlight and recently brought in his birthday in style surrounded by some big names in the game like Koffee, Iwaata, Yaksta, Nation Boss, and 10Tick.