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Coi Leray Claps Back At Viral Fan Who Took Photos With Her And Exposed DM

Coi Leray claps back! That’s right, and she wants all the smoke even if you’re a “fan.”

Coi Leray, 24, took to the DMs of Lea Royer to express her displeasure with the fan’s caption on a picture of the two that the rapper took quite personally. Leray has been a rapper, songwriter, and singer since 2018. She eventually got her big break on the popular music platform SoundCloud. It was from this very same platform that her single “Huddy” as well as her debut mixtape “Everythingcoz” was released. This gave the rapper a start at her claim to fame.

Since then, the rapper has been signed to the record labels such as Republic Records and 1801. More recently, in 2021, the artist has been skyrocketing further since her new single, “No More Parties”, which gave her another breakthrough adding her to the Billboard Hot 100. The rapper landed in the top 40, a feat which she is extremely proud of.

Coi Leray’s journey up the stream of stardom didn’t stop there. She also received noteworthy recognition as she was nominated at the BET awards 2021 for Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. This massive success was brought on by her gaining a platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America in May 2021 following the success of “No more Parties.”

Leray recently performed on Rolling Loud and has been having interviews back to back, during which she typically brags and boasts about her rapping abilities and her XXL Freshman freestyle, which she believes was the best. Despite receiving heavy backlash for her statements, Coi seems unphased by the negative attention and has been chumming up to fans at every opportunity.

However, one fan she took a pic with at Rolling Loud had a rather unusual statement about their appearance.

“I look more like a celebrity than her tbh.(not the fit, just the face) y’all d**ks**king ode,” wrote Lea Royer.

Naturally, numerous individuals had a lot to say about the fan’s chastising words. “I really do hate these type of people… who ask for a pic just to talk sh*t online,” wrote one Twitter user.

Coi Leray herself had a few words for Royer but she decided to take things up a notch, going straight to Royer’s DM, writing, “Ya mother should of swallowed you.”

After which, Royer responded, “LMFAOAOOAO i think this whole thing was dragged out. It was an opinion, but i didn’t think i look better than you. You shouldn’t even be mad at my opinion, just keep it pushing. Everyone’s dragging this whole sh*t and i been defended myself. If you wanna take it personal u could but it wasn’t sh*t. If i was you, i wouldn’t care.”

Coi shrugged off her response, “Yea yea yea,” she quipped.

Royer once again sent a lengthy message, “Listen man, ur dope Imao ur pretty. You got bread. You know this, we all know this. One day we’re gonna cross paths again & hopefully there ain’t no beef cause i really don’t have anything against you. But yeah, i apologize for all the nonsense. I never have to belittle anyone to make myself feel better. But anyways, stay safeeee bless upppp all love man, no hate. See you when I’m a celebrity.”

Interestingly, Royer is the one who took to social media to share the back and forth dialogue between herself and Coi. Fans have deduced that this means she is obviously seeking fame and popularity despite how negatively she came by it.