Shenseea Shoots Her Shot At A Collab With Rihanna At Rolling Loud Miami

Shenseea is renewing her desire to collaborate with pop princess Rihanna, and she’s asking the artist to make it happen asap.

Speaking on an interview with 99 JAMZ FM, Shenseea, in response to a question about what artist she wishes to collaborate with, noted that on top of her list is Rihanna.

“Tell her to get off her break man…,” she begins to which the radio host replies, “you gon link up with her while she’s here?”

“Let’s see,” Shenseea replies. “Let’s say it again I want to do a collab with Rihanna,” she adds.

Shenseea has indicated her desire to collaborate with Rihanna for a while and has even said the billionaire businesswoman is her idol. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper in 2020, Shenseea said that she wanted to be big at “Rihanna levels.”

Now, with the release of her song “Run Run” racking up close to 3 million views after being released a week now, Shenseea seems to be on her way, perhaps not closer to a Rihanna collab but closer to her dream of being as big as Rihanna.

Her recent video caused many fans, new and old, to liken Shenseea to Rihanna as many viewed her as potentially successful in the American Music Industry.

On the other hand, Rihanna is still working on her R9 album, which is said to be a reggae/dancehall project.

While Shenseea was busy slaying her performance at Rolling Loud Miami on Friday, Rihanna and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky were en route to the festival for his performance on Saturday night. The couple were spotted at the event hugging and kissing while mingling with some of their fans.