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Tinashe Says Chris Brown Replaced Her On Jack Harlow’s “Best Friends” Single

Tinashe said she should have been the featured artiste on Jack Harlow’s track “Already Best Friends,” but was replaced by Chris Brown.

It all started when the singer took to Twitter, where she made an interesting post about her writing process. She said her music is inspired by her dating life, so much so that whoever she dates becomes her muse.

“One thing about me – If we date I will definitely write multiple albums about you . Literally hundreds of songs. Do with that information what you will,” she explained/

The tweet led to plenty of replies and questions from her fans. One asked, “You like girls?” The singer replied, “Written a couple songs about girls too.”

Another fan said, “Nobody gets a song out of me until we break up,” to which Tinashe replied, “My last relationship I wrote a song for him for Valentine’s Day lmfaoooooo and then when we broke up I mixed it with a diss song and now it’s a classic.” The fan then said, tell us which song, to which she replied, “Feelings.”

Yet another fan asked the singer for a bisexual anthem, to which she replied, “I’m selfish.” Another fan wrote, “ok but more,” to which the songwriter said, “I made one with j*ck h*rlow but he put C*ris b*own [Chris Brown] on it instead lol,” referencing the track “Already Best Friends,” which is featured on Harlow’s album.

Fans were shocked to learn that fact and responded with tweets such as “wtf.”

In response, Tinashe said, “Lol it’s fine y’all it literally happens all the time this the music biz.”

Despite her response, it’s clear Tinashe still feels slighted over the incident. As one fan said, “it was probably a business move because CB is bigger than the both of y’all and he knew that it would get more streams.”

Jack Harlow is currently celebrating the release of his album “That’s What They All Say.”

Meanwhile, Tinashe recently confirmed her new album ‘333’, which features a total of 7 collaborations, including two female artists. The project has a total of 16 songs and will be released on August 6.