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Michael Blackson Proposed To Girlfriend Rada, Lil Duval Reminds Him Of Dr. Dre

Micheal Blackson is now engaged, but Lil Duval thinks it’s a bad idea.

Comedian Micheal Blackson is well-known for his irreverent comedy, especially about his dark skin color and other adult situations that he encounters. The comedian showed fans another part of his life when he proposed live on the air during The Breakfast Club.

The Ghanaian-American made the grand gesture at the end of his interview earlier today, July 22. In the touching moment, he signaled his girlfriend Miss Rada over to him before he got down on both knees and proposed to her. The moment was caught on the studio’s cameras. The couple has been together for about two years and briefly broke up back in May of this year, but it seems they have since worked on those issues.

During the interview, he made it a point to talk about his love for Rada and how much he wanted to continue being with her. As Charlamagne Tha God joked that he sounded like he was ready to discuss getting married, Blackson called her over before he got on his knees and pulled out an engagement ring from his bag.

After saying yes, Rada proudly declared, “Bye, side bitches!” to which Angela Yee asked Blackson if this was indeed true. He let her know that at least 90% of them would have to leave. Rada seemed satisfied with this, probably knowing that he was just joking around.

This is the first time that the show has ever had a proposal on-air, and the moment was wildly celebrated. “I’ve never had a woman that’s this loyal to me,” he said, following the proposal, after which he also revealed that she took care of him when he was battling COVID-19.

Blackson also excitedly shared the news with his five million fans on Instagram.

“Meet the future Mrs.Blackson @mzradadarling. Ladies men look for loyalty, regardless of what we put you thru stay loyal to your man because we are f**k ups but we will eventually do the right thing. Nothing good come easy so trust in God and what’s meant to happen will happen,” he posted.

Lil Duval has since shared his reaction saying he texted Michael Blackson and warned him about getting married while referencing Dr. Dre’s massive $300K per month spousal support to his ex-wife Nicole Young.

“Just text Michael Blackson and said ‘Dr Dre paying 300k in spousal support but congrats tho,'” Lil Duval wrote.

Congrats are in order for the happy couple!

You can check the moment out below from around the 33minute mark.