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Wack 100 Asks 6ix9ine And DJ Akademiks For Face To Face Meeting

Wack 100 has a few questions for 6ix9ine, and the dancehall artist manager wants a sit down with the rapper to get some answers.

In a post on his Instagram page a few hours ago (July 18), Wack said, “yo @akademiks I have some real questions for [6ix9ine]. I need dude to look me in my eyes when I ask these questions. He has yet to be held accountable. Let me be the judge and the culture will be the jury.”

Wack 100 added, “@akademiks call that man @6ix9ine and bring him to the table. We gotta kill the continued disrespect and I need to ask him face to face if he considers himself to be civilian or street.”

The Manager added, “My opinion Is what I think I need to know what the role really was ! Was he initiated or was it a use thing on both sides . Was he a sheep in wolves clothing or was he attempting to be a wolf and went bad ? Put it together face to face ASAP.”

Responding to Wack, blogger Akademiks reposted the request and commented, saying, “Imma make this happen.”

6ix9ine, who was targeted by Wack 100’s initial post, further responded to Akademiks jokingly, saying, “come back to bed.”

While many of Wack’s fans agreed with him that Tekashi had questions to answer, some believed that the issue was nonexistent or that nobody cared about 6ix9ine or his legal case.

One commenter wrote, “First Wack 100 applauded 6ix9ine when him and Meek had an argument and now he wanna discuss 6ix9ine’s disrespect & accountability? He thought it was cool that a Mexican called a *Aboriginal/Black Man* ni*** multiple times but wanna say something now… Make. It. Make. Sense.”

Another said, “Wack 100 is not the face of the culture. Man is just as bad as the game.”

Prior to the post calling out Tekashi, Wack had posted a video where he threatened to fight a particular crip dude who he said was harassing him on the internet.

6ix9ine has been called out by several rappers and others in the music industry for being a snitch. The rapper, who was locked up on racketeering and firearms charges, got his sentence significantly reduced by testifying against members of his former entourage.

Since his release, 6ix9ine has had beef with several rappers, including Meek Mill and Blueface.