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Normani & Cardi B Drops “Wild Side” Summer Anthem With Raunchy Visual

Normani taps Cardi B for her new collaboration, “Wild Side.”

The Invasion Of Privacy rapper shared her excitement at the collaboration with Normani, which will drop on Friday (July 16). Cardi B shared her anticipation with eager fans online. “The world is ready for Normani supremacy !!!! (sic),” she said.

Normani also co-signed Cardi’s excitement as she teased a video that was made for the song. “Okay soooooo I just watched the video again… sis what the actual f*** (sic),” she said.

The single would mark Normani’s comeback since her last single was released in 2019. The former Fifth Harmony member is known for her hits “Dancing with a Stranger” featuring Sam Smith and her solo “Motivation” released in 2019.

Cardi B, however, is the ultimate cheerleader as she posted about the song and Normani’s part. “You guys are going to see Normani in a different light-. I feel like this is [her] big comeback and I want you guys to treat it like it’s her birthday. This song is amazing. I’m just so proud of her,” Cardi said in a selfie video posted to her social media accounts.

Normani, 24, is presently working on her debut solo album. She hinted to fans about the progress of her album in March. “Wow… the record I’m making right now.”

Since leaving Fifth Harmony, she has been working to develop her solo career but spoke about getting in tune with her flow rather than being bound by rules about what her songs should sound like.

“For a long time, I was stressed out about checking boxes like, ‘Is this black enough? Is this pop enough?’ But music started feeling way better when I just went into the studio with the mentality of being Normani,” she said, speaking about what can be expected from her solo work, adding that “people will always remember how you made them feel and what a record did for them. My lyrics have more depth, and they’re more intentional and come from a more authentic place, because I now feel more connected to myself than before.”

Meanwhile, the artiste shared a number of racy images online to accompany the visuals for the song. In the photos, she is seen wearing custom-designed leopard print boots with a bodysuit, while her brown skin is complimented by her hair in a vintage 50s hairstyle and make-up.