Burna Boy Defends His Legacy After BIA Told Nicki Minaj She Doesn’t Know Him

Burna Boy has responded to BIA after she claimed she does not know what he looks like.

The “Cover Girl” rapper made an appearance on Nicki Minaj‘s Instagram Live for her virtual session of Queen Radio on Thursday, July 8, to promote their new collab, “Whole Lotta Money,” the remix. The collaborators discussed several random things, but when Nicki made mention of Nigerian stars Davido, Burna Boy, and Wizkid, BIA‘s response sparked some controversy.

“I don’t know what they all look like,” she said. “That’s unfortunate,” Nicki responded.

Fans and followers were not very pleased with BIA’s comments, but the rapper quickly clarified her earlier statements on Twitter a day later.

“I said I don’t know what they all look like doesn’t mean I don’t know their music. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

In another tweet, BIA wrote, “I know what wiz kid looks like. I don’t know what everyone else looks like.”

That still did not sit well with the “Ye” singer, who seemingly took offense and took to Twitter on Saturday, July 10, to respond.

“That babe wey nor know our face don dey my dms since 2018 o,” Burna Boy wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

In another tweet, the Afro-Beat singer referred to his impressive credits, “I’ve sold out every venue I’ve ever been booked for since 2018. Most of them 2 or three nights back to back. This next chapter of my Life as a performer is something I really look forward to. I’m in only ARENAS, STADIUMS and FESTIVALS worldwide. DREAMS come TRUE for REAL.”

Some social media users maintain that Burna Boy should not have taken offense to BIA’s statement, and apparently, BIA feels the same way.

When The Neighborhood Talk shared the story of Burna Boy’s response, BIA took to the comment section to clear the air.

“Burna Boy Love your music, don’t be hurt I said Ion know what U look like. Your girl is beautiful anyway you shouldn’t care. I’m happy. Now don’t make it seem look like i slid on you in 2018 bc i tagged your song. Now back to what’s more important. stream #wholelottamoneyremix.”

BIA was not finished, as about an hour later, she took to Twitter and wrote, “Why do you care?” which fans are speculating is a dig at Burna Boy.

Burna Boy is yet to respond to her last tweet.

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