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Govana Dishes Money Lessons To ‘Choppas’ In “Chap Chop” Visual


Govana is putting a new spin on what it takes to be a ‘choppa’ in his new song “Chap Chop.”

The title of ‘choppa’ is usually handed down to those individuals who secure their money by any means necessary. In most instances, this points to those persons who engage in lucrative and, most times, illegal phone calls. The main problem with gathering money in this way is that fast money is just that, fast money. Govana is calling on the ‘choppas’ to make more conscious financial decisions when it comes to spending their money. Assets, houses, and ensuring that one’s family is taken care of should be at the top of the list, according to Govana.

He paints the story of what not to do using the Damaniac Visualz directed music video. The opening scenes of the visual show a man pulling up to a dusty street in a sleek Toyota Mark X motorcar, the usual choice for someone who classifies themselves as a choppa. The character in question then proceeds to snap pictures of his fat stacks of cash while sitting on the edge of his car’s bonnet.

The poser is soon made to face the consequences of his actions when he is pounced upon by a man wielding a machete. At this point, it is unclear if he intends to chop him to steal the cash or if he wants to teach him a lesson. Nevertheless, a chase ensues, and pretty soon, other members of the community join in the community-wide manhunt.

No one was armed on set, and Govana delivers a direct message about money management and making the best use of opportunities, making the deejay’s take on a Choppa life a positive one.

Check out the creative concept below while you vibe to the punchy sounds produced by Chemist Records and Raheef Music Group.