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Lil Baby & James Harden’s Priceless Reaction To Kanye West Bizarre Mask at Balenciaga Show

Lil Baby and James Harden’s reaction to Kanye West bizarre full facial mask went viral.

Kanye West’s fashion sense has always been cutting edge, and for the most part, this willingness to take big, untrendy risks has paid off for the rapper, producer, and fashion designer.

However, his latest look might be the most unconventional of all thus far in his career. Possibly inspired by the worldwide normalization of face masks due to the coronavirus pandemic, Yeezy has recently been spotted wearing several full face masks that cover his entire head. While not being able to see people’s noses and mouths is nothing new, not being able to see anything from the neck up can be a bit jarring.

Kanye was most recently seen sporting the full mask look at the Balenciaga fashion show on Wednesday, July 7th. Seated next to Lil Baby, James Harden, and other fashion connoisseurs, the controversial artist made himself especially conspicuous by making sure he couldn’t be seen at all. He wore an oversized black puffer jacket, black pants, and Yeezy Foam Runners.

His mask appears to have a black panther on the material completely obscuring his entire head. The woman next to him can be seen wearing a regular nose and mouth covering, but it was enough to keep the world from identifying her. Many fans guess that ‘Ye was there with supermodel Irina Shayk, but sources have since disproved this claim.

Despite the outlandish look of his mask, Kanye’s socks became a bigger topic of discussion once followers realized they were Nike brand. Yeezy has been working exclusively with Adidas for years but has recently been spotted rocking multiple Nike products.

Some fans theorize this could be an indicator of a business deal yet to be announced, while others think Kanye simply lacks brand loyalty. Considering the head-to-toe coverage, can we even be sure that it was Kanye at the show, to begin with?