Bounty Killer On A Mission To Save Dancehall From ‘Rat Trap Music’

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer continues his campaign against trap dancehall.

The dancehall legend is again making it clear that he is not here for any dilution of Dancehall music. In a recent interview, Bounty Killer made it known that he does not support any watering down of dancehall music. In particular, he is not a fan of local artists recording on hip hop and traps beats to create what’s become known as “Trap Dancehall.”

Bounty Killer also made his opinion known in a post on his official Instagram page. Alongside a clip showcased producer Suku Ward’s new dancehall riddim “Stench,” Bounty said, “Tink wi did ago just sit and watch dancehall fall inna unuh rat trap music…. Real producer and real artiste still alive.”

A lot of the artiste’s fans seemed to agree with him and shared their views in his comment section. One user said, “Beat them to sickness,” while another said, “Real dancehall riddim this baaaaaaaad.”

Celebrities such as Charly Black and Teflon also co-signed Bounty’s opinion.

Bounty Killer has been very vocal about his dislike for the trap variant of dancehall music. In a 2019 interview, he said the fusion of Jamaican recordings with American beats did not make it dancehall, it was simply trap music.

He argued that “Nothing name Trap Dancehall. Trap music is trap music and Dancehall is Dancehall. So you can’t take two genre and make one. Weh name so?”

In Bounty’s mind, the proponents of trap dancehall were effectively stealing music from the Americans and trying to make it their own. He argued that “Dancehall Trap” was not unique or distinguishable from Hip Hop.

Killer said patois on top of a new beat did not make a new genre. While unique, the dancehall legend noted that the language was simply a part of what makes dancehall and not its fullness.

He further explained, “Nooo, is not the language make the genre; it is the groove and the beat and the tempo and the sound that create the music. So not because wi sing patois on a riddim it turn dancehall.”

It’s safe to say Bounty Killer believes that Suku Ward’s riddim checks all the boxes of what a Dancehall riddim should be as he has endorsed it fully. The “Stink” riddim will feature Busy Signal, Christopher Martin, Beenie Man, and himself.