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Machine Gun Kelly Change Movie Name After Mac Miller’s Family Backlash

Machine Gun Kelly Rap Devil

Machine Gun Kelly honors Mac Miller’s family request and changed the name of his upcoming film.

It has been nearly three years since rapper Mac Miller died of an accidental overdose, but his loved ones are naturally still grieving the tragic loss. However, as often happens with the untimely deaths of celebrities, there are already those seeking to profit from his unfortunate story. Rapper and actor Machine Gun Kelly is set to star in a movie titled Good News which follows a musician during his final days as he struggles with addiction and mental health issues.

The film is said to draw on the experiences of several deceased rappers, including Pop Smoke and Juice WRLD, but the project’s seemingly uncoincidental title is the same as the title of Mac Miller’s first posthumous single.

Taking to Instagram to comment on MGK’s involvement with the film, Mac Miller’s brother, Miller McCormick, wrote, “f*** you f*** your movie at least change the title”. While the project clearly is not receiving a nod of approval from Mac Miller’s family, the movie is due to begin production in early July, according to Deadline. The movie is written and directed by Tim Sutton and produced by Jib Polhemus, Rob Paris, and Mike Witherill of Rivulet Media.

Speaking of MGK’s role in the film, Paris recently remarked, “Colson Baker is that rare talent who is ascending at an incredible pace both in film and music. He is exactly the kind of artist that Rivulet Media is looking to partner with and we couldn’t be more excited to support him on both fronts, especially with Tim Sutton’s powerful screenplay and vision, which are custom tailored to Colson’s formidable skills.”

Machine Gun Kelly likely has very little influence over the title of the film, but it seems that Miller’s brother considers him guilty by association.

It is unclear if the shared title was an intentional reference, but the parallels between Mac Miller’s life and the movie’s anticipated storyline are hard to ignore. Since the film has yet to begin production, it may not be too late for Tim Sutton to change the name out of respect for Mac Miller’s loved ones.

The latest development is that the film is now untitled.