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Bow Wow Says He Quit Rapping Because It’s Too “Stressful”

Bow Wow Shadmoss

Bow Wow says he quit rapping because it’s too stressful.

The wildly entertaining Verzuz battle between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy held on Sunday, June 27, may not have been as smooth sailing as viewers at home thought it was. The battle almost did not happen, with hiccups happening on both sides.

Bow Wow took to Instagram on Monday, June 28, to share that he was actually very stressed up to 6 minutes before the battle because his hard drive with all his songs had crashed.

The rapper posted a video that was taken moments before the battle and captioned, “I was soooo stressed putting this show together in 4 days for VERZUZ!! What yall don’t know is our hard drive CRASHED 6 mins before we went live!! SEE.”

In the video, the “Let Me Hold You” rapper seemed to have had enough, declaring that he was done where his rap career is concerned because it “brings stress.”

“Y’all ni**as see why I don’t be wanting to rap no motherf***ing more? This is exactly why I’m at peace. I’m at peace man. I like hosting my sh*t, making more money than half of y’all rap ni**as. I like doing my podcast for FOX. This sh*t right here is the number one reason why a n**a don’t wanna rap no more. This is the reason why. I do movies and I do so much other sh*t. It’s because rap sh*t brings stress,” he said.

“Ion like no motherf***ing stress. I endure stress all motherf***ing year up until right now. Doing some what? Some rap sh*t. My point. This is what I be trying to say. This is why I don’t f**k with this sh*t bruh. I do not f*ck with rap. I hate doing this sh*t,” he added.

Bow Wow was not the only rapper facing issues that night. Pre-performance footage shows that after a brief spat with security outside the venue, Soulja Boy threatened to leave without performing.

The viral clip shows the rapper making his entrance at the venue alongside his SODMG crew members. The rapper’s team was denied entry at security.

We heard Soulja Boy in the video saying, “Check this out, I don’t know who you could tell, but if they don’t let my artists in, I’m about to leave right now, and there won’t be no live or no event.”

After some back and forth, the security eventually let his entourage through, until moments later when his artists were stopped again.

Soulja Boy, who, by this time was losing it, shouted, “I’m leavin’! I’m gone!”

Thankfully, he did not leave as his crew members were soon after allowed in the building.

Between Bow Wow’s technical difficulties and Soulja Boy’s entrance issues, the Verzuz battle was on the verge of cancellation. While there is still division about who won the battle, as both parties executed well. The battle was arguably one of the most entertaining ones to date.