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LA Lewis Arrested On Bench Warrant, Claims Police Targeting Him

L.A. Lewis was arrested on a bench warrant, but is claiming his constitutional rights are being violated.

Ever controversial dancehall entertainer L.A. Lewis has been arrested. According to reports, Lewis, known for his provocative thoughts and actions, was taken into police custody yesterday, June 27. Even though the reason for his arrest has not yet been confirmed, it is believed that his detention came due to a bench warrant. It is more than likely tied to his failure to show up in court in March on a charge of breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).

Lewis has claimed in the past that because he is a sovereign king of the Maroons that no court in Jamaica has jurisdiction over him.

In his latest claims, he said that he thinks that government authorities are after him because he has been revealing “the truth” about the COVID-19 vaccines. He has several Facebook Live videos on his account detailing his disgust with the vaccine and the fact that he believes Covid-19 is tied to the rollout of 5G.

A video recording taken at the time he was arrested sees the artists stick to his claims that the government is after him. Clad in white and handcuffed, he said: “That’s why them wan lock mi up inno caz through a mi a tell the police a mi a tell the people for don’t tek the vaccine, so a di vaccine thing mek dem a try kidnap me now. This is unconstitutionally am not a Jamaican citizen, mi waive da right deh long time.”

In the video posted by the Star, Lewis, who looks like he is at a police station, is also advised by an officer to keep his side of the story for when he appears in court.

L.A. Lewis says he is a member of the Maroon clan Nyan Ko Pong tribe and is the group’s Paramount Chief High Priest. In January this year, he appeared before Parish Court Judge Monique Harrison, who ordered that Lewis, real name Horace Lewis, be evaluated by a psychiatrist before his next court appearance. He was answering charges after he and a small contingent of maroons were protesting in October last year,2020, against the order for people to wear masks as well as against the Covid-19 vaccine.

L.A. Lewis appeared on OnStage with Winford Williams earlier this year, where he explained his take on things. That might explain why he chose not to show up in court as well.

“The judge now is working for her majesty the queen which is a statutory body. I am now a live body, a maroon. Yuh understand I’m a sovereign. There is no way a judge who is working for her majesty the queen can give me orders or give no one order who is a sovereign,” he said at the time.

He went on to say that the magistrate could not tell him what to do. During that interview, he said he was not sure if he would decide to return to court or not.

“If i feel like to go back to court, them say the 16th (March). If I feel and they all know (it’s) if I feel,” he said.

He added: “What she don’t know Winford, we already send a letter with her name to the world court, to the United Nations, and a lot more people. My team is preparing to send one to the Attorney General.”