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Kodak Black Angered Kobe Bryant Fans With Helicopter Tribute

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black is again the median of hot topics over the past few days, and of course, not in a good way.

The rapper was perhaps paying tribute to the late legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant when he posted pictures on social media in a Kobe Bryant jersey, displaying his new Tesla Model X with a custom purple and yellow wrap and a lakers inspired mini helicopter beside it, also customized with the same colored wrap.

While the rapper must have been in a good mood, as he was celebrating his 24th birthday, some social media users were not feeling designs, declaring it a blatant disrespect to the Los Angeles Lakers legend, given the circumstances surrounding his death.

There is no doubt that Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri, knew that Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in January 2020. Therefore the “ZEZE” rapper must have known that this may not have been a good way to pay tribute. Fans are maintaining that the controversial rapper may have done it for publicity (regardless of how bad it is) or he genuinely did not see disrespect.

He captioned the post, “I’m Ouchea 24 a Day I’m Like KOBE.” In a follow-up post sitting in the tesla, he captioned, “If I Catch a N*gga Lacking. Ima KOBE Him……(what dat mean?) Ima Shoot!!”

Many fans and followers found the caption to be very familiar. This is because the line bears a resemblance to Meek Mill‘s failed attempted tribute to Kobe Bryant back in February. A snippet of a song leaked online heard Meek Mill rapping, “If I ever lack I’m goin’ out with my choppa, it be another Kobe.”

Needless to say, just like Meek Mill’s controversy did not sit well with the public, neither the pictures nor the captions by Kodak Black have been sitting well with fans and followers.

“Nahh bro not the helicopter….” one person commented. Another added, “No one else think the helicopter is just is just a little disrespectful?” and another commented, “dude really chose a helicopter out of everything to my purple and yellow. Smh, inconsiderate.”

Kobe’s wife typically takes to social media to voice her concerns whenever the memory of her late husband is tarnished or otherwise insulted, just as she did with Meek, which forced him to apologize. But there’s been no sight of her just yet. Maybe this will allow Kodak to get ahead of this mishap and remove the posts from his account.

Still, fans are anxiously awaiting Vanessa’s clap-back, and many of them believe it will be justice served when Kodak Black gets what’s coming to him.

Do you believe Kodak lacked tact in his actions?