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Lil Baby Speak On Buying Out Entire Foot Locker For His Community

Lil Baby bought out an entire Foot Locker store for his community.

Lil Baby is on his way to greater things, and he is blessing others along the way. Pictures and videos of the “Drip Too Hard” rapper gifting community members with footwear emerged on social media on Friday, June 18.

“I’m coming to save my community I promise,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram story.

There are also videos of Lil Baby and members of his entourage exiting a store with multiple bags of shoes. Needless to say, his generosity was met with a lot of positive comments from social media users, who proclaimed him to be the GOAT.

“This why he will forever win,” one person said. Another added, “Lil Baby is really out here making a difference. I respect that,” and another commented, “One thing about this man, he gone come through for his people.”

Lil Baby has disclosed on multiple occasions his intention to assist others, especially in his community. The rapper has been praised for his authenticity and kindness over the years, at just 26 years old. During an interview with Reebok in 2018, Lil baby said, “Being from the hood gets glorified, like ‘I’m from the hood’ but it’s not an option. It just is what it is. But instead of glorifying it, I’m trying to help and I’m going to try to make sure I put on the best facade I can, if it has to be a facade or whatever, to teach them to do the right thing.”

Speaking on the issue, Lil Baby noted that this is not his way of saving his community. “Buying shoes ain’t what I mean by saving community or giving back !! That was some sh*t I did cause I seen a lot of them had on flip flops. When I say save community I mean centers,programs, jobs. You can’t imagine the the sh*t I don’t post.”

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the “We Paid” rapper said it is those streets that inspired him and his rap career. This may be the reason the artiste is bent on giving back.

In November last year, Lil Baby disclosed that he would donate the $1.5 million that he made from his June 2020 single “The Bigger Picture” to the community.

“I got 1.5 million dollars to donate off of “Bigger Picture. I want the money to go we’re it’s needed,” he tweeted. The money was given to a charity organization, as the rapper had requested.

With profits from this same single, the “Woah” rapper also donated 1,000 coats to Birmingham residents in need in December 2020.

The Grammy-nominated rapper continues to make strides, and there is a warm feeling that he’s not done giving yet.