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Busy Signal & DJ Karim Snags Straight Hit With “Irresistable” Summer Banger

More than a decade after the release of the original track, Busy Signal is once again sharing his experiences about a female whom he simply finds “Irresistable.”

Similar to the previous release, Busy Signal gets a female assistant to help share in his experiences on this DJ Karim, Stainless Music produced single. Urban Islandz spoke to producer DJ Karim of Stainless Music, who shared details on how the initial concept of the song came about.

“Well Busy came to me with the idea and then I built the beat/riddim with him right there then he did a demo of two songs on it. In which both songs needed a female vocalist,” he explained.

The original single included the soothing voice of Sher, who engaged in light conversation with Busy as they detail how their loving-making session played out. The retrofitted 2021 version enjoys similar banter with some buttery vocals from Shine, whom Karim excitedly gave further details on.

“SHINE is a tremendous female vocalist who professionally does harmonies for many artistes such as Jr Gong – Tarrus Riley and so many more. She has now decided to take her talents to the Lead Vocal Role,” he explained about the upcoming talent and the role she played in the dancehall/r&b/latin infused remake.

The 2010 version of the track mixed slow groove dancehall with a hint of reggae. Karim decided to experiment with the sounds to attract a stronger global appeal. It’s a move that music lovers have seen an increase in over the last few years, as producers tap into the lucrative afro/Latin markets that Jamaican entertainers such as Demarco, Rvssian, Sean Paul, Shaggy, and Charly Black have found great success. Busy Signal has also dabbled in the genre through his remix of Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP’s 2010 smash hit “We No Speak Americano.”

“I revisited the original recording of the song and changed the entire rhythm section to fit a more international market with an R&B energy with a Latin vibe,” Stainless Music’s head honcho told Urban Islandz.

While wheeling off the extensive releases he has waiting in the pipeline, Karim explained that he’s set to team up with yet another Latin American entertainer when Stainless Music’s signee Wiski D teams up with Dynasty The King for their song “Narcos.” Also in the works for 2021 are two additional Busy Signal “Dance Music Tracks” titled “Traffic Jam” and “Shake Shake.”

Rounding out the projects for 2021 are more juggling riddims which the Stainless Music brand has been known for over the years. The maker of the Duffle Bag Riddim, which contained “Question” by Busy Signal and “Mi Lovin It,” has promised “more juggling riddims…the songs may be released as singles first.”

“Currently released a small juggling riddim called “VIVA DANCEHALL” it features BAY-C – LOOGA MAN – Wiski D. Also, I have the “DA PLUG RIDDIM,” which features younger artistes coming up such as SAV LUCKY STAR – NAH LAAF,” he stated.