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Here’s What Jay-Z Told Quavo About ‘Culture III’ Track “Avalanche”

Getting the stamp of approval from one of the greatest in the history of rap music is certainly a feat that the Migos have gotten from Jay-Z, who signaled that he liked the track “Avalanche” off of their newest album Culture III.

The Migos have been busy promoting the album and appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they delivered a memorable performance.

They have also definitely done the same with Jay-Z from screenshots shared by Quavo, which showed the hip hop mogul sharing which song was his favorite.

The album has been performing well online as it competes against a battery of rappers who also released albums and new music this week, including the likes of Polo G.

On Friday, Quavo shared Jay-Z’s message that shared his favorite song and also congratulated the group on their latest project.

“That Avalanche song is beautiful,” HOV said. “Congrats to you and the guys on the album. Peace God!”

Quavo was obviously ecstatic about the fact that Jay-Z has listened and approves the song. He replied to the messages – “put everything we had into this one.”

Culture III has been released after a three-year time break between Culture II. Migos member Offset has also said that this album will be the last in the series.

The album features 19 tracks of A-list stars, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Pop Smoke, and others.