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Blueface Spent A Fortune For Mayweather & Logan Paul Fight, Wants His Money Back


Blueface shelled out a fortune to attend Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight and now he’s feeling like he wants his money back.

A lot of people are expressing disappointment at the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight that happened on Sunday night (June 6). Unfortunately, after eight competitive rounds, the fight ended without a winner, which was not exactly exciting for viewers.

Joining the list of complainers is young rapper Blueface, who argued that he was finessed for $12,000 tickets he acquired to watch the fight.

“N**gas spent like 12,000 for this bullsh*t a*s fight. Never again. Never again,” he declared.

Blueface was expressing to Akon his dissatisfaction, as shown in a video posted hours after the fight. The artists were apparently still in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, where the fight was hosted.

“Akon, is that the worst fight ever or what? …. It was terrible, for everybody that paid money to come to this.”

While Akon was laughing at the rapper’s comments, Blueface seemed very serious about his disappointment about how the fight went down.

“Y’all in her tripping about your wristbands for this weak a*s fight.. what the f*ck!” he exclaimed. “They just finessed us y’all don’t watch no more of this YouTube boxing sh*t,” he added in another clip.

Social media users, who were also not entertained by the fight, commented that he should have never spent that much money to watch that fight anyway.

“You paid 12k expecting a lit fight from a 44 year old man with glass hands vs a YouTuber,” one person said. Another agreed, “You absolutely got finessed. Even if I didn’t buy this I’d want a refund,” and another questioned, “Bro why is you spending 12,000 to see a fight anyway.”

Mayweather, 44, is considered one of the best boxers of all time. He had won all 50 professional fights he participated in, and Paul lost the only one he was in, so it is safe to say the public was very hyped about the fight. They were, of course, expecting Mayweather to knock Paul out. However, the money making spectacle did not live up to its expectations.

Paul, 26, is apparently 34 and a half pounds heavier and 6 inches taller than Mayweather and most of the fight saw Paul latching on to Mayweather for dear life. Today a vast majority of the general public took to social media to voice their utter and complete disappointment in the event, with numerous memes circulating.