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“Help the bear!” Mystikal Trends on Twitter Over Viral Video Of Woman Confronting Bear


Mystikal is trending on Twitter for an incident that has nothing to do with him. But old things tend to return when necessary.

A woman confronted a bear is reminding social media users of the New Orlean’s rapper’s eccentric song lyrics where he used the analogy of fighting with a bear in 2012. The “HELP THE BEAR!” line has resurfaced to fit the viral and crazy scenario.

The video emerged on social media on Tuesday, June 1, and started trending soon after. The video shows a bear on the wall hovering over a woman’s backyard. Her dogs were perhaps trying to scare him off, and the woman soon rushed out, pushing the bear from the wall, and rescuing her dogs before taking off.

Of course, people find it unbelievable that the woman could face off with a bear to save her dogs, and soon enough, Mystikal‘s song was used to complement the footage.

The lyrics are from Mystikal’s “On Da Spot” freestyle for DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio on Hip Hop Nation about nine years ago.

“I make a motherf**er say oh yeah! I’m colder than a lion with no hair…If you ever see me fighting in the forest with a grisly bear, HELP THE BEAR! Cause that btch gon need it…and I’m home and greedy, gimme that god*mn porridge, but I ain’t even gon eat it,” he raps.

While social media is happy that the woman is okay, Twitter is giving no chills throwing jokes, and linking the incident to Mystikal’s song. “Mystikal is somewhere proud. HELP THE BEAR,” one person jeered.

Last year, “Help the bear” also became one of the number one TikTok trends, accumulating millions of views.

The track was used to compliment videos of people in situations projecting power, whether big or small. Each TikToker placed their own spin on the track, but it is quite obvious that the lyrics are stuck in the minds of many people, and it will therefore resurface whenever necessary.

It’s safe to say “Help the bear” lives rent-free in the heads of many. What do you make of this situation? Is the young woman brave and courageous or downright foolish?