Thanks To Rihanna This Bajan Crochet Designer Business Explodes

A Barbados crochet designer says that having Rihanna wear one of her pieces a Vogue shoot was a surprise which is turning out to be good for her business.

The designer Shanice Taylor said a friend first told her about the photograph- “my friend messaged me ‘Rihanna got on your dress’,” she said. “it was so surreal, I just looked at it, I ran across to my neighbors ‘look look look Rihanna got on my dress.”

According to her, the dress was originally made for Rihanna’s long-time friend Melissa Forde who visits Taylor’s neighbors. The dress took two days to be created and featured all crochet. “Melissa usually come and spends time with my neighbors so one day she was here and I got up and approached her if she mind wearing one of my swim suits. So she was like ‘sure’ and she then asked for a dress.”

The dress was then gifted to Rihanna for her birthday, which led to what is now thousands of orders from across the world as Rihanna fans clamor for a similar piece of their favorite icon.

“To be honest, don’t give up, keep doing it the way you love, you never know who is gonna see it or wear it, you never know.” Rihanna has also been in touch with her about making future pieces.

The tan-colored piece was worn by Rihanna in the latest beauty campaign for Fenty Skin as she announced the release of Buttah Drop. She paired the dress with a pair of Bottega Veneta mesh strappy.

Taylor says she is now living the dream in spite of just recently starting to crochet. According to her, she took up crocheting after things slowed down due to the Covid 19 virus. She wants Cardi B to be the next celebrity to wear her design.