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Skillibeng Producer Addresses “Chappa Gyal” Fallout With Rapid True Value

The music video for Skillibeng and Honey Milan’s “Chappa Gyal” was deleted, edited, and re-uploaded on Thursday (May 13) after receiving backlash from H&L Rapid True Value for the use of one of their buildings in the making of the video.

“The reason for the re-upload is to avoid a possible lawsuit of infringement of a trademark,” has now been written below the newly uploaded video to educate fans on what exactly took place.

The producer of the music video was served with a cease-and-desist letter from a law firm representing H&L Rapid True Value. According to lawyers from Levy Cheeks, H&L Rapid True Value was not pleased with how their establishment was being displayed in the video. The firm argued that the transformation of the building in question could mislead customers into believing the company is “associated with or endorses” the music.

The company’s building, which was only visible for a few seconds at the beginning of the video, represented a concocted ‘scamming base,’ renamed ‘SkilliMoney Headquarters.’ The company’s building is no longer visible in the newly uploaded visuals.

Urban Islandz spoke with Tevin Richards of YGF Records, who explained the monetary fallout from the recent actions.

“The video was not shot at the rapid true value location, rather footage of the building was captured in our drone shot of the area,” Richards told us while alluding to the financial fallout. “The video when uploaded becomes a product as such having deleted the video the streaming accumulated thus far will not be accounted for and there will be no product sales.”

Richards further explained that having to re-upload the edited video means the streaming count will start from scratch.

“With the re-upload, the song is registered anew and the previous streaming will not be associated with the new upload,” he said. “The new upload will then have to garner its own streaming and amass its own sales.”

“The repercussions would be the loss of streaming views and thus the monetary loss incurred. Also now we too as entertainers will be stricter with our intellectual property and the free promotional use of such.”

Richards added that he understands the company’s concerns regarding the song as it relates to scamming, which is a sensitive topic currently in Jamaica.

“The reality is scamming is a sensitive topic in Jamaica and as such, I can understand their concerns. However, it was an oversight during the video editing,” the producer said.

“We do understand the nature of the company’s concerns and as such we have acted accordingly. Good or bad, publicity is publicity, as such we are expecting continued greatness from dancehall dynamite Skillibeng, and the upcoming artiste Honey Milan. One thing we cannot deny is that “Chappa Gyal” no doubt has the hit factor.”