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Boosie Reacts To Yung Bleu’s Fall On Stage At Texas Concert: “The Devil Hatin”

Yung Bleu and Boosie
Yung Bleu and Boosie

Boosie Badazz think the devil has something to do with Yung Bleu’s embarrassing tumble on stage his show in Texas last night.

Social media users are having a laugh at Yung Bleu‘s tumble during his Houston show on Saturday (April 24). The embarrassing fall on stage took place in front of a large crowd of fans numbering in the thousands. The video of the ordeal has since been making rounds on social media.

The “You’re Mines Still” rapper seemed to have misstepped and toppled over on the slanted stage. He appeared to be unscathed by the incident as he quickly picked himself up from the floor and continued his performance, but fans are speculating that he may be in at least a little physical pain.

Still, that did not take the joke from the situation for his fans. “Bro got s**ked into a black hole” one person wrote. Another commented, “Ik that sh*t hurt and he playing it off,” as another laughed, “got back up quick asf tho.”

Yung Bleu himself reacted to the social media blowup on Sunday (April 25), laughing as he tweeted, “F**kkk y’all quick.”

Fellow rapper Boosie Badazz could not let the opportunity pass to laugh at his associate while blaming the devil for the incident.

“Bra I’m LMAO my artist @_YungBleu BUSSED HIS A**. #thedevil hatin Str8 UP,” he tweeted.

Yung Bleu is not the first to fall during a performance, and perhaps he will not be the last. Over the years, the public has witnessed some embarrassing falls from major celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Drake, Lady Gaga, and even Beyonce.

Fans are comparing Yung Bleu’s fall to that of fellow rapper Rod Wave’s in October last year. The Florida native was about to begin his performance at Morris Brown college, but apparently, the stage had other intentions. Just as the rapper made his entrance with his entourage, the stage collapsed beneath them, pitching Rod and other members to the ground. No one was injured from the incident, and Rod found the joke in the situation, posting the video on his own Instagram page with the caption, “PIMP DOWN! I REPEAT PIMP DOWN!” This unforgettable fall spread like wildfire across social media.

If it’s one thing some celebrities should be commended for is their innate ability to find humor in their most embarrassing moments.