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Meek Mill Blesses His grandmother With A New House

Meek Mill
Meek Mill

Meek Mill is using his wealth to bless his family. The “Pain Away” rapper recently shared that he bought his grandmother a house in his hometown of Philadelphia. He shared the news with fans using Instagram.

He made a short video post of the heartfelt moment that he surprised her with the generous gesture. He showed the moment that he walked her through the door of her new lavish home. The elderly lady can’t stop smiling to show her appreciation and probably shock at receiving a new home. He captioned the video, “I did this for my dad and my Grandmom.”

“I appreciate you, grandma,” Meek says to his grandmother in the video, who responds, “And I appreciate you for looking out for your grandmother.”

The 33-year-old rapper takes the opportunity to show fans some of the numerous rooms on the property. While he is showing her and fans the rooms, other family members can be heard in the back chanting “Welcome home” as she inspects her new abode with pride.

Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, then asks, “Do you like it grandma?” to which she responds that it all seems so “unreal.” He takes some time to sit on a bed as his grandmother relaxes with a drink in a chair.

“Loyalty is not just a word. Kick ya feet up Grandmom. My dads mom. I’m Prada myself! Ya definition of real not the same as mines I get it!” he adds. He also shows off the kitchen, which features a painting that’s important to the family. The home also has a power chair for her to get upstairs.

In December 2018, a white man spray-painted “white privilege” words on the matriarch’s property in South Philly. Meek was pretty upset about the incident at the time, and this may be his way of ensuring that she is safe.