Popcaan Cooks Curry Chicken & Rice On Buzzfeed’s Tasty & Gets Recipe Featured

Could Popcaan’s passion for cooking become his new venture?

Fans are calling for the dancehall deejay to start his own cooking show! This after Popcaan was featured on BuzzFeed Tasty, where he showcased his bomb cooking skills by preparing Jamaican curried chicken and white rice. The artiste went through the preparation step by step, and the recipe was later added to the BuzzFeed Tasty website, where they wrote, “There is nothing more comforting than this traditional Jamaican curry chicken made by recording artist Popcaan.”

The artiste is a frequent and fan-favorite social media cook, as he had often posted videos proving he knows his way around the kitchen. So far, the public has seen him preparing fried chicken, fried and steamed fish, jerk chicken, pumpkin soup, rice and peas, and other Jamaican meals that have always attracted several positive comments.

This time, the fans are calling on the “Twist and Turn” artiste to make the venture official.

“U know mi woulda watch him pan tv… Grace Kennedy fi mek him and Ms. Rhona tek over Grace Kitchens,” one person commented. Another shared, “You know Popcaan could a do one cooking show.”

In the caption of one of his posts on Instagram, Popcaan had credited his grandparents for his impressive cooking skills.

If the recording artist takes the advice of his fans, he would not be the first celebrity in Jamaica to venture from their original niche to new experiments.

International cricketer Chris Gayle and retired sprinter Usain Bolt have both ventured into the music industry to the discountenance of some fans.

Interestingly, Popcaan was one member of the public that was not very pleased with Bolt’s move to producing. In response to a video Bolt posted promoting NJ’s “Living the Dream,” Popcaan said

“Wid all due respect legend, me feel like you fi just help up some youth wid real musical talent! Them dey ya nuff.”

Both Usain Bolt and Chris Gayle later responded to the controversial comment saying that artists should collaborate with them and not mock their new venture on the entertainment scene.

Buzzfeed’s Tasty has since featured Popcaan’s curry chicken and white rice recipe for the entire world to try it out.