Romeich Major Looking For 2 Sound Engineers After Building Third Studio

Romeich Major
Romeich Major

Romeich is in need of sound engineers as he expands his musical footprint.

If you think you have what it takes to play in the big leagues, then Romeich Major’s latest announcement might be for you. The savvy businessman and manager of top dancehall artists Shenseea, Ding Dong, and Teejay recently announced that he is searching for sound engineers to join his team.

Romeich used his Instagram to make the announcement on Tuesday this week. He explained that the need came because he’s built a third studio which means he’s looking to produce even more music.

“So am in studio now working but guess what I manage 3 artist @shenseea @dingdongravers @uptopboss_official so I made 2 more studio so now I have 3 studio I need 2 bad engineer weh loyal and talented!!!!” he posted.

He also added that he intends to launch a competition so that he can find the right talent to join his already successful team. The details of the competition are expected to be released later this week.

“Zeen so ma run a competition stay tuned so who wanna get a job and do some serious work comment under this pic and look out for flyer gonna drop this week!!!!
#romeichentertainmentengineer,” the post continued.

Romeich has certainly persevered in the music industry and is reaping the rewards for his tenacity. Recently, the Romeich Entertainment CEO shared about his early struggles when he was interviewed on Odyssey, Untold Stories with Yendi Phillipps on YouTube. That interview was posted earlier this month.

He explained that he almost gave up altogether on the music industry.

“It never work out because it was a learning experience for me,” he revealed. “Me never master it and at the same time me never have…financially me never good like that because music yuh haffi have money, haffi have links, you haffi have powers and you have to have just like any product, no matter how good the product is if you can’t get it to reach out there, you can’t get any sales.”

Due to the fact that he chose to keep working at it, he will soon be the proud owner of three studios. His fans were appreciative of his efforts and made their feelings known in the comments like this fan who said, “I truly admire your drive. Your a blessing to Jamaica. Don’t EVER change,” and this one who added, “Keep doing the good work more blessings me g.”