Poor People Governor Bounty Killer Donates 40 Tablets To Seaview Gardens Primary School

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

The philanthropic nature of Bounty ‘Warlord’ Killer has been kicked into full rev over the past few years, and the deejay is continuing his humanitarian efforts with his latest shipment of electronic tablets to the Seaview Gardens community.

The target of his April 15, 2021 initiative was the Seaview Gardens Primary School, which supports the youths in the Kingston community, so many of dancehall’s greatest entertainers are proud to call their hometown. The likes of Shabba Ranks, Dexta Daps, Elephant Man, and Bounty Killer are only a few of the artists the gritty streets of this inner-city community have produced.

During the handover ceremony, Bounty told Vice-Principal Keisha Heslop-Pessoa, “I was raised half of my life in Seaview Gardens and I was here from this school was made… I have close relationships with my community. When it comes to giving back and charity, my community is always a first priority.”

Bounty Killer’s latest effort to gift 40 tablets as a part of his “Each one, Teach One To Reach One” effort is exactly why the deejay has been dubbed the ‘Poor People Governor’ by his fans. The initiative was spearheaded by Killer’s longtime manager Alexander “Bankey” Giscombe, under the simple but effective mission of the Bounty Killer Foundation, which is to tend to the less fortunate and the disabled. Sadly, this has been the reality for many Jamaicans, a fact which has been intensified by the lockdown measures implemented by the island’s government to curb the spread of Covid-19. This has also severely affected the country’s educational system, as parents and government scramble to equip the nation’s youth with devices to participate in online classes.

“We have about 60 percent of students that are online because what we hear now from students is that we don’t have a device or we don’t have any data. So that is one of the problems. So now, since there are no face-to-face classes and it is purely online, we have to be reaching out to students,” said Heslop-Pessoa while speaking to The Star.

Bounty Killer’s efforts have also been witnessed in other communities across the island. The community of Mountain Pass, Palm District in Linstead St. Cathrine welcomed the entertainer’s son Javar Price, who was photographed handing out a $75,000.00 check to the community outreach officer, Ms. Dawn Dalhouse. Bounty has also provided financial assistance to community-based inventors, struggling single mothers, and operators of private orphanages.

“After only a few years since being launched, I’m very proud of the works that my foundation has done and been doing so far, One of the most active foundation today, Thanks to our directors secretary donors and volunteers for doing a spectacular job, As we look forward to continue helping in the coming future,” the “Fed Up,” deejay wrote in a recent Instagram post.