Chuck Fenda Faces Criticism For Lovers Rock Collab With Teenage Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom’s 2017 rise in the music industry with “Love Situations” is well known to her fans and followers. But a 7-year-old music video that emerged on social media on Sunday, April 18, revealed that this was not the artists’ first big appearance on the music scene.

It turns out that the sultry track titled “Believe,” featured the 16-year-old Jada Kingdom, and renowned reggae artist Chuck Fenda was already getting heavy rotation before many people knew about the “Heavy!” deejay.

The recent revelation did not sit well with some members of the public, who took to social media to condemn the lyrics of the song by Jada as a teenager and criticized Chuck Fenda for the collab.

In the refrain, Chuck Fenda sings, “When I love I love you right, When I hold I squeeze you tight, baby believe me,” and Jada Kingdom, who went by just Jada K back then, follows with “I wanna do the things you like, boy I need your love tonight, it sounds like clich√©, I love you each day.”

Concerned fans have since made it their duty to locate the video on YouTube, where they expressed their displeasure.

One person commented, “This is giving weird vibes. Like Robert Kelly and Aaliyah vibes,” another added, “The lyrics and the age. Parents..” and another expressed, “The age and the lyrics just doesn’t sit right with me.”

Yet, a 2014 Gleaner article titled “16-Year-Old Makes Musical Debut” stated, “She may only be 16 years old, but up-and-coming singer Jada Murphy is ready to take the music industry by storm. After a chance encounter with reggae artiste Chuck Fenda…Jada-K, seized the opportunity to audition for him.”

The article explained that Fenda was impressed with young Jada’s vocal range and decided to work with her. Additionally, the article stated that Fenda had received permission from Jada’s parents before working with her as she was still a minor.

Jada told the media that her musical journey was fully supported by her parents.

“My parents are behind me 100 percent. They encourage the boldness I had to approach Chuck Fenda and create this opportunity for myself,” she said.